18 January 2017

Kylie Jenner Matte Lip Kit Reviews and Tips

I will admit, when Kylie Jenner first launched Kylie Cosmetics, I stayed up countless nights, attempting to get my hands on a kit to try a lip kit for myself and give my opinion on the product. However, when I finally got my hands on a kit after the fifth attempt, I leaped with joy. The reason why it's difficult to get your hands on a kit is because they sell out so quickly, within 15-30minutes, due to high demand. 

I got the Dolce K lipkit first and I will admit, when reading reviews, there was some negative comments around the packaging, so I was slightly worried after paying £30+ for one lip kit when reading the reviews. To be honest the product was careful packaged and I had no issues as all, coming the whole way from America, so discount any negative reviews. I even ordered a second time around, with Koko K and again didn't have any issues. 

The product speaks for its self! I was absolutely amazed when unscrewing the lid and pulling out the brush to see how thin the liquid was, I instantly assumed this will be messy, how wrong was I. The brush helped evenly spread the liquid across my lips and dried instantly. That's when I knew I loved this product and needed to get myself some more. The kit came with a matching lip liner as well, which was a bonus and helped create a guide for the liquid lip stick.

I've worn my matte liquid lip sticks a number of times now and can honestly say they are long lasting. For example, I wore Dolce K to York races and only applied once through the whole day and night. Can't recommend it enough. 

How to get your hand on a lip kit quickly before stock runs out:
  • Follow Kylie Comestics on social channels, set the Facebook fan page to appear first and top of your news feed, so when Kylie sends an update to say restock is now live, you can quickly get the update if you are a big social media fan.
  • Know exactly what lip kit you are after, before restock, so you can act quickly. 
  • Once added product to your basket, I know it sounds silly, but quickly checkout as its first come first serviced, so if you leave the product in the basket for more than 5-10mins the product will sell out if popular. 
These tips are based on when I bought these product, the process may have changed to improve customer journey, but I still know these product are still very much high in demand. 

One thing I would note is the delivery, being international from the UK, it cost a lot £10 in fact. I also got a custom charge for my second package, which meant I paid over £50 for my second lipkit, for me though it was turely worth it. 

What do you think of the Kylie Jenner lip kits? Do you own one or would like to get your hands on any? 

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  1. These colours are perfect! I absolutely love Koko K :) xx



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