2 April 2016

1920's Great Gatsby Themed Event

I was invited to the Texas Holdem Poker Charity vent #holdem4charity held by Ladbrokes in Double Tree by Hilton Sky bar in Leeds recently. I loved the fact that the event had a theme, which was 1920’s Great Gatsby. The event was for charity, offering the chance to win £500 for a charity of your choice, which was all for a good cause. I'm in the middle in the below picture :-).

I attended with the lovely Mode Lily and Fashion-Infatuation, as well as many other Yorkshire based bloggers. Everyone made such an effort in 1920s attire, I never seen so many sequins, feathers, pearls and gloves in the same room before, so much glamour. It was like I was back in time and made me realise how fashionable the 1920 Gatsby era really was, as I’ve never been into the vintage style, I’m more for following the latest fashion trend. 

When we arrived we had a champagne reception to get to know everyone, all 30+ attendees. Before heading off to the private event room to play a game of poker for charity, which made the theme even more realistic. 

I must admit I never played poker before and needed to understand how it worked. I thought my Irish luck would be on my-side that night, but unfortunately it wasn’t. 

To look at what I actually wore, I wore a black lace dress, with a pearl necklace, sparkle headband with a black feather (Middle in the below picture). I also went for the smokey eye look to add that extra glamour. 

Following the event, I wanted to read into the 1920s era a little bit, and it appeared to have been a huge change for women in terms of fashion and style across the world, partly due to women obtaining the right to vote, giving women independence and freedom. With the shift of focus changing to social life from war, fashion became important for women. Appearance became an priority for women, always wanting to look their best. The changes in 1920’s has helped fashion evolve to where it is today, with more designers and styles. 

I want to thank Ladbrokes for the invite, I really enjoyed the food, drink and meeting great people. It certainly opened my eyes to the 1920 fashion era. 

Are you into the vintage fashion? Have you ever gone to a 1920's Gatsby themed party or event? 
*photo credit: Some photos belong to Search Labs. 


  1. This looks like a top event and I wish I went to more of them, I love the outfit and you look really beautiful! :) x

    Liv | www.dungarees-and-donuts.co.uk :) x

  2. I love the fashion from that era - so timeless! Looks like such a lovely event!

    Erin xx

  3. Love the outfits! I'd love to go to an event with this theme :)

  4. What a lovely event, the outfits look amazing, I really love 1920s style.

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  6. You look utterly fab and what a fun and fantastic theme for a charity event! Love it!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x

  7. I adore everything about this post. it's basically my life. me time = best time.xxx


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