14 December 2015

December in Mexico and What to Pack

If you know me personally or follow my social channels, you will have noticed that heading off to the sun in the winter is my favourite thing to do. So I took a trip in early December to Mexico, which was my second year running to Mexico. Why not? When the weather is cold, wet and miserable in the UK, is there really a better time to go away? To me I think not, I think we should just make the most of the British summer, see some wonderful parts of the country. Plus the winter sun holidays are always cheaper, which is a bonus.
Anyhow back to my trip to Mexico, we stayed at the absolutely amazing wonderful El Dorado Royale Spa Resort by Karisma, a five star hotel on the Caribbean coast in Rivera Maya, Mexico.

I would highly recommend this place, it was truly paradise and I’ve been to a lot of places. The hotel has won many awards with it being a platinum luxury resort and a gourmet all inclusive, with its nine restaurants. 

When we first arrived we stayed in the standard room for a couple of days before we moved to the Casitas part of the hotel, with the rooms being even more luxurious and had our very own swimming pool.

So what did we do there apart from drinking numerous cocktails, and eating our full for two weeks. We got involved with all the activities at the resort and met some new friends. Also took a trip to the spa for an 80 minute relaxing massage, which was amazing! My man proposed to me out there, I’ll be writing a separate post on this so keep an eye out. So we celebrated pretty much the whole time being out there, which made it even more extra special, I didn’t want to come home.

What did I pack in my suitcase, well if I could have packed my wardrobe I would have ha ha! I took so much with me, but here goes:

I pretty much took one bikini for each day, why not I’m a girl and need to have some variety, I normally change three times before I even go out the door, so needed to bring plenty to have the choice.

I took a number of beach throw overs from River Island and Asos, six in total, after all I had so many bikinis and needed the choice of colours for matching.

I’ve got a confession to make, I’m obsessed with shoes! Well who isn’t!? So I’ve been known, as with the bikinis, to bring a lot of shoes with me, from sandals for the beach to high heels for evening party wear! Again, you do need choice right!?

I love a good beach bag I’ve taken the same one for the past two years, which is my Michael Kors beach bag, which I just adore. It holds all my sunnies perfect, so I can change my glasses a few times a day if I wished.

I always bring plenty of sun cream and lots of! I always tend to take a high factor 50 for the first few days until my skin gets used to the sun. Then go down to 15 and then 10 for the last few days. The brand I normally buy is Pizz Buin, the smell is just so nice and the spray bottles come in handy.

So here is my checklist:
  • Bikinis – lots of!
  • Day dresses, skirts and shorts – change it up a little depending on what day trips you do.
  • Day cami tops – can’t go wrong with a cami top to throw over your bikini with a pair of shorts to wear when going to eat lunch when by the pool.
  • Flat sandals – for beach wear.
  • Wedged heels – if you don’t normally wear heels, go with wedged heels to keep your feet comfy and still gives you some height. 
  • Sun scream and after sun lotion – it’s so important, you can still get a tan with sun cream, it’s better than burning.
  • Sunglasses – I normally bring 4-5 pairs for a sun holiday for the colour choice.
  • Sun hat – for those days where your head is burning, especially for those with centre parting.
  • Underwear – only need this really for the evening, as you wear bikini during the day.
  • Toiletries – shampoo, conditioner, tooth brush, perfume and deodorant are the key things.
  • Nail varnish remover - as your nails won’t last two weeks right? I never leave home without this.
  • Hairdryer and hair straighteners - bring your own hairdryer as the hotel provided hairdryer are normal rubbish.
  • Hair accessories - I find a hair bun is useful for those with long hair to stop the back of your neck from sweating. Bring some hair clips and bobbles as well!
  • Passport and travel documents – or else you wouldn’t be going anywhere J
  • Plug adaptor – this is something that is often missed. You need this for mobile phone charger, hair straighteners etc.

Hope you liked reading my post!

Do you have any tips for items to pack in your suitcase, that you always take on holiday with you? 


  1. Love trip advise posts! Looks like you had such an amazing time, and thanks for the tips to :) Happy New year! www.lovaine.blogpot.com xx

  2. This place looks amazing! I'm hoping to get away in 2016 so I think I'll be bookmarking your checklist!


  3. HUGE CONGRATS on your engagement! I am so unbelievably happy for you :D and what a beautiful place for him to propose. It really does look like paradise. I love the checklist, i'll definitely use it for my next sun escape.

    Sarah xxx www.whatsasssays.com

  4. That cocktail tho :) :) ... So cute! The place looks amazing. I have never been so far from UK before. It looks so exotic and fun t be there especially when is cold and miserable here in UK. I will check the hotel out... Thanks for sharing hun. x

    Ninz/ www.ninzbeauty.com


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