25 October 2015

My Trip to Alexandra House Spa Huddersfield

As a fashion and beauty blogger, I do love a trip to the spa to unwind and just relax, after all we work hard and need to have some time for ourselves now and again. Therefore, last week, I visited Alexandra House, a holistic and well being spa, in Huddersfield, after a long day at work. Here’s how my trip went:


Firstly, when I pulled up in the taxi, I was immediately taken in by the grounds of the spa, the beautiful picturesque stone built building caught my attention. In the garden there was a pond, lovely grown trees and seating areas, reminding me of a French garden. I arrived in the evening, so the garden was lit-up, down the pathway to the entrance, which was very nice. 

Upon arrival I was greeted by Maxine, the owner, at the reception, she was very welcoming and attentive. I must say when I walked in the smells of aroma therapy instantly hit me, which made me want to relax and rewind. After a conservation with Maxine, I was given a pair of slippers, making me feel right at home. Then I was guided to the changing room to slip into a robe.

After changing, I headed to the relaxation room, the lighting was just perfect to unwind, sit back and relax, and the fire gave it that extra comfort feel. The music was smooth and chilling, with the candles as well, definitely made me want to rest my eyes.

Maxine offered me a beverage, opting for the plum and banana smoothie, I made the right choice, it was delicious, definitely going to be trying to make this at home. Whilst I was drinking the smoothie, I was also enjoying a foot soak. After that, my feet were dried and moisturised, ready for my facial. 

I opted for an Eve Taylor Aromatherapy facial, definitely the right choice. I believe it was the holistic facial I received, with a neck and shoulder massage. I had hot cloths as well after each lotion was applied, it was so nice I would recommend it to anyone. This treatment definitely made me block all the stress out, lay back and relax. The smells of the lotions were so beautiful, I didn’t want it to end, even after I left the spa, until I got home (over an hour away), I could still smell the lotions and my face felt so smooth.

After the treatment, I headed back into the relaxation room, then back to the changing room to get ready to go back-out to reality. Maxine rang a taxi for me to get me to the station, nothing was any trouble for her. I would highly recommend this salon and I’m sure I’ll be back again.

*Some photos on the Alexandra House Spa website have been featured in the post.

Have you been to a spa recently? What is your favourite treatment? 


  1. This looks gorgeous! I am in need of a spa day, Reynolds in old bexley is good, I love how much of a pick me up they are and just so refreshing

  2. Sounds so relaxing hun, I need something like this myself! xxx

  3. This looks like such a relaxing space to recharge your batteries.

  4. That spa looks amazing. I have been to a couple of spas and they are always so relaxing.

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    This looks lovely! I need a spa day, Reynolds in old be xley is great, I adore the amount of a stimulating beverage they are and just so reviving


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