28 June 2015

Season Trend: Ripped Jeans and Duster Jacket

If you follow me on Instagram @Top_Style_Advice you’ll know that I’m forever uploading pictures of my latest buys and outfit pictures. It’s been a while since I actually wrote an outfit post of my every day wear, so here is a snapshot of my latest fashion outfit.
Ripped Jeans
Jeans with rips all over or just at the knee are a huge trend in 2015, and I’ve been in love with them. I especially love high waisted jeans, which the above I got from ASOS at £32. I must admit I’ve got my fair share of wear out of them. These jeans are prefect, as you can pair them with more or less anything, for example a light weight jumper, crop top or silky top no matter what the weather is.

I decided to wear a white crop top with this outfit, as the sun was shining. It was light weight and keep the outfit bright to reflect the weather, I could easily take off the jacket if it got a bit too hot with this top. The white also didn’t draw attention away from my other items of clothing. I got this also from ASOS at £7.

Duster Jacket
This jacket is one of my favourite buys in 2015, I needed this light weight pink jacket as its perfect for summer and is a huge fashion statement. These duster jackets are everywhere this season, I got this one from Warehouse in season sale for only £22 (although purchased on ASOS). This jacket has slits up the side and is floaty, which I loved when walking and helps not to get creases when sitting down if you’re travelling in a car etc. You can’t go wrong with this jacket! Only thing I would say is, I would only team this jacket with either jeans, shorts or tight fitting dress, you can easily make too much going on if you wear it with a floaty dress.

Swede Wedges
These wedged heels are perfect for summer, with their hunky heel, they make walking feel comfortable. Every women needs a pair of wedged heels in their wardrobe if you ask me. This pair I purchased from Joe Browns around a couple of years ago, and they’ve lasted for ages and I’ve certainly got my wear out of them.

You’ll very rarely see me with my hair up, as I love long hair down, but given the nice warm weather I thought I would tie it up for a change. It was a bonus that it only took me 2 mins rather than the usual spending 15 or so mins curling my hair with ghds. I’ve had a few compliments that day, so maybe I’ll tie it up more often.

I kept this simple, I generally wear BB Cream on a day to keep my face look natural. Also wear natural coloured eyeshadow, in this case I put on beige trio by No 7. I love my black eyeliner, I never go a day with it, that’s on my upper eyelids now. Although I like a very small even line, not too big, but certainly brightens up and opens your eyes a bit more. I’ve then got a pink lipstick by Calvin Klein on, will have to look and check what colour I have on as I can’t recall of the top of my head.

Do You Have A Favourite Item You’ve Just Bought Recently? 


  1. I love this look! And your hair looks so cute - I have long hair so rarely tie mine up too! x

    Stephanie | www.ouistephanie.com

  2. Love your post, you have great style!
    I'm a new blogger so I'm checking out lots of blogs!
    Molly xo

  3. Love the outfit, especially the ripped jeans :)
    I've been in love with my Adidas superstar that I bought recently :)


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