16 March 2015

Hair Styling Regime - Guide

I get a lot of readers and friends asking me how do I curl my hair and get it to stay still throughout the day without losing its shape and volume. Therefore, I’ve created this handy little guide on my hair routine from washing to styling, so here goes I hope you like it and that it answers your questions.

I must admit I do change my shampoo around 2-3 times per year, with my last phase favouring Loreal Elvive Re-Nutrition Nourishing Shampoo and the matching conditioner. However, I’ve now jumped on using the Aussie Mega Shampoo for everyday cleaning. I’ve heard a lot about Aussie products, but have never actually tried them out for myself, although I must say after using the Shampoo and matching conditioner for two weeks, my hair feels great! Not only that, I feel it has improved my scalp massively, as you could imagine using nourishing products over a long period of time will cause build up in your hair, therefore best to use a cleaning shampoo, as there are other products i.e. hair masks and hair oil to help soften and smooth your hair after washing. 

- Rinse hair with luck warm water for 5 mins
- Apply first dose of Aussie Mega Shampoo Cleansing product in hand (size of 50p)
- Rub shampoo together in hands then apply to hair
- Wait until hair has foamed, rubbing into scalp
- Then rinse hair and reapply second dose

- After shampoo has been fully rinsed
- Squeeze excess water from hair
- Apply Aussie Mega Instant Conditioner in hands (a good helping) rubbing together
- Then apply to hair on tips initially, then gentle apply all over hair (don’t put too much on roots or it will look greasy)
- Leave on for 10 minutes
- Then rinse off

Washing is compete!

Drying and Styling
I use a number of products in my hair after washing before drying to create that smooth, silky look. One being Loreal Elvive Mythic Hair Oil and Tigi Catwalk Root Boost Spray. The root spray, I got on www.hairtrade.com, which was a recent find that’s create volume to your hair from the roots. I’ve tried many of these products in the past and this Tigi Catwalk product is by far the best, the volume truly does stay in for a long period of time, its everlasting on a night out.  

I absolutely love drying and styling my hair, bit strange I know, I prefer to do it myself over any hairdresser. Reason being I’m so used to doing it and know the way I want it styled. 

Brushing and Sectioning
- Use my tangle teaser brush to brush hair, to remove any nots in your hair
- Use comb to create your parting
- Section hair into four to apply the hair oil

Hair Oil
- Spray one hair oil spray in your hands for each section
- Rub the hair oil on to the ends of each hair section
- Brush hair out to remove sections

Root Spray
- Section the top of your hair, around the crown, from the rest of your hair
- Use a tail comb to divide each line of hair
- Firstly select the top back of your hair, then divide into two
- Spray root spray on to the roots of each line
- Then repeat for each side of hair parting

- Use Hot Curl Brush to create volume
- Firstly use the comb tail brush to section of bottom of your hair level to your ears
- Use hot curl brush and ghd Air hair dryer to blow dry the section
- Repeat, sectioning above your areas
- Continue sectioning and drying hair up until your fringe
- Blow dry each section of fringe three times, turn the brush whilst the hair dryer is blowing air on your hair, this creates a wave effect look

- Start at the underneath sections first under your ears, as with drying
- Divide up into four strands of hair
- Use the ghd straightener’s, placing them at the top of the hair strand
- Twist the ghd straighter’s around by 90 degrees
- Slide the ghds down the hair strand slowly to the tips
- Congrats you’ve created your first curl
- Repeat for each section

Drying and Styling is compete! Here are some snapshots of my instagram feed with curly hair, view more at https://instagram.com/top_style_advice/ and please continue to stop by my blog www.topstyleadvice.co.uk.
 Hope you found this useful, have you got any tips on how to style your hair?



  1. I love Aussie products and I love curling my hair with my straightening irons... I only just got the hang of doing it a year ago and I love the style of curl you get from them. Your hair looks lovely and healthy xx


  2. I used to use Aussie products, they smell incredible and leave my hair feeling and looking beautiful! The only reason I stopped is the cost of them!

    I am definitely going to try your technique for curling my hair. My hair is so thick that whenever I curl it, it tends to drop out quite quickly!

    Great post!


  3. Gorgeous curls, I always try and sometimes fail with ghd's to create curls and then I get bored halfway through! Your curls look lovely though :-)

    Helen - #ukbloggers

  4. A great, comprehensive guide, your hair always looks so lovely and bouncy.


  5. Oh I really love this post Laura! I sometimes struggle to get smooth hair and I'm always on the lookout for new products to use and guides to follow!

    Dash xx
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