31 December 2014

Reflection on Last Year and New Year Hopes

Happy New Year everyone. So it’s that time of year again, when we reflect on the year gone and look forward to the next. Hoping and wishing for the good things the New Year might bring. I have a few things I would like to achieve in 2015, but first I want to reflect on the past year, so below is a snapshot of my life in 2014. 

Upon reflection of 2014, the following are my highlights:

Lifestyle and Fashion

Blogging - Some of you may have noticed that I’ve only written a post once a month in 2014, in comparison to the many I did in previous years. Well, the reason is, GoDaddy made a big mistake and actually auction of my domain (.com) without my knowledge. I had my renewal fee set to automatic with Blogger, as Google had a partner with GoDaddy via Blogger to buy and renewal blogs. However, this partnership ended in 2013, where you then needed to do this directly via GoDaddy. I wasn’t made aware of the situation and lost all my blog authority and 4 years of hard work building my blog. That said, I now have the .co.uk domain of Top Style Advice and have moved all the content over to this new blog. 

Fashion - Well, where do I start with this one, it has been a good year in terms of fashion, with new styles and trend coming on the scene, such as playsuits, jumpsuits and capes to name a few (as highlighted in my past posts, for example Autumn Fashion Must Haves). My key designer items that I bought in 2014 are my Michael Kors watch, Firetrap Boots, Jimmy Choo Sunglasses and Kurt Geiger and Carvela heels. 

Health – at the beginning of every New Year, as you expect, everyone goes into health mode, where you exercise to become fitter and lost those all-important pounds you put on over Christmas. Well, I’m usual good at that and last right up to Easter being healthy, with it being lent etc. However, this year I’ve been terrible and no were near as active as I should be. I also found out I have some form of IBS, which I’ve not been careful with what I eat. I should ideally cut out wheat and dairy products and get use to the healthy foods again. 

Driving – Well I got the provisional, finally. Also started my driving in October, have a bit to go yet, but I’m enjoying it and hoping that 2015 will be my year of passing my test, to have the ability to drive wherever I want to go, when I want. 

Home investment 

I done it – I bought a house with my one and only Dave! It was so exciting and we are still getting settled into it. It’s been so much fun decorating and planning out the rooms, deciding what furniture is going to go where, colour schemes and so forth. Mind you, we have been indecisive at times, but who doesn’t, it’s a big achievement in your life and you only want what is best. The house is in an area we love and close to my boyfriend’s family, which is nice. 


I had a few trips this year, a few around the UK (Whitby and Lake Windermere in the Lake District), went to Ireland for a wedding and an amazing trip to MEXICO. Firstly, let’s cover off Ireland, I really enjoy going to Ireland to see my family and time to relax. After the two sisters weddings last year it was a bit hectic and I couldn’t really celebrate with them, but this time it was our uncle and my sisters and I got to spend some lovely time together.

Only just two weeks ago, I returned from Mexico, as you would expect I’m missing the place so much and it sucks trying to get back to reality. The best thing to get over it is plan for our next holiday ha, which is what we are doing. Mexico was literally thee best holiday I have ever been on, we met so many fantastic people, food was beautiful and the place, well that was just unreal! So keep an eye out for another post coming soon on my trip to Mexico. Meanwhile, you can read about my post Winter Sun in Dominican Republic.

Work Life

I enjoy my time at the digital agency I work for, it’s taught me many things over the past year and added to my experiences. The thing I most enjoy is seeing how digital evolves and how this can impact different brands and even niches. I’ve worked with some exciting brands on campaigns that have been successful, which makes for a good working environment and an enjoyable experience.

To add to my list of qualifications, work kindly put me through the Squared Online course (by Google), which lasted 6 months. I learnt a lot from the course and worked with a group of people that all brought a variety of key skills to the table. 

What I want to achieve in 2015: 

1) Pass my theory and then my driving test

2) Blog more, to build the authority of www.topstyleadvice.co.uk and gain more readership

3) Travel to Mexico (again) or Canada 

4) Be more careful with my finances and save

5) Start making video content and hair tutorials

What have you acheived in 2015 and what are your goals for next year?


  1. A lovely positive post - what an exciting year 2014 has been for you. Here's to 2015!


  2. I'd love to visit Canada this year too. Which area are you planning on going to? I may just do a cross country trip if I can get the funds.

    Good luck for 2015!

    1. Hey, we met some people from Calgary when I went to Mexico, so thinking of visiting them in August for their wedding, such lovely people, what about you?

      Yes, you too, all the best for 2015!

  3. That sounds like a nightmare about losing your previous blog! Argh.....well done for coming back from it xx

  4. My goals for this year are to reach 600 bloglovin followers, eat healthier and exercise more and also become more consistent in my blog and in school!


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