16 November 2014

Top Style Advice - Birthday Celebrations

It was my birthday recently, which I got loads of nice things from my beautiful family and friends. This post is to highlight my week long birthday, yes this is correct, I was still getting presents and being treated to some birthday meals a week later. So here goes: 


I did attend work on my birthday, although the company I work for offers you birthday hours, working 9-3, which isn't too bad. Plus my lovely account management team did gave me some lovely treats and made my day worth while going into work. 
Believe it or not, I then went and visited the beauty salon for some well deserved pampering before I got back home. Then after 5pm my boyfriend took my out for a lovely meal at Miller and Carter in Garforth. The lamb was to die for and the glass or two of rosy went down nicely. 

During the weekend, I decided to have a little get together with a few friends, so again went for yet another meal, this time at the Arrgar in Garforth, then visited the local for a few drinks before lifting a nice fire in the wood burner in my garden afterwards. 
So what wonderful gifts did I receive, it might also give you some ideas on what to buy for someones Birthday. Here a few examples of what I got: 

- Pink Champagne
- Ja'Doire by Doire
- Lee Evans Tickets 
- Nandos Giftcard
- Top Shop Giftcards
- Driving Lessons (Finally)
- Estee Launder Make-up
- Lancome Skin Care Products
- Jewellery
- Yorkshire Soap Shop Gift
- Nail Varnish
- Birthday Money

I got loads and loads of.. 

- Clothes (Shoes, Jeans, Tops, Dresses)
- Flowers 
- Chocolates 
- Wine

I know what you are all thinking.. some great gifts and what a lovely birthday I had. Well that is correct, I did a lovely Birthday. 

Was your birthday recently? Did you have a lovely day? 



  1. Ahh you were well and truly spoilt!! Glad you're pleased with it all :)
    I don't like presents, I always feel guilty that people had to work hard for their money just to blow it on me lol x

  2. Sounds like my ideal way to spend the day, happy belated birthday!


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