27 October 2014

Winter Sun Holiday: Dominican Republic

As my readers well know, I like to share my holiday experiences with you all. Over the past few years, I've been to Tenerife, Lanzarote and recently went to Dominican Republic. So this post is to share my views on my trip. I stayed in the Blue Bay Villas Doradas hotel four star hotel in Playa Dorada, it was beautiful! The pictures below say it all, the scenery was stunning, perfect for some Caribbean winter sun. 
The Hotel

The hotel was beautiful, really nice staff and great entertainment. It is an adult only resort, which meant the through the day entertainment was aimed at adults, winning any games meant a bottle of Dominican rum, which my suitcase didn't like when getting weighted at airport check-in (ha) but definitely worth it. In terms of the food, it was okay but limited to the number of restaurants: Sea food, Chinese and Grill.


1) Paradise Island - we went to the famous sandbank 'paradise island', wait for it, literally in the middle of the ocean. We got a speed boat out there, which lasted around 30 minutes at high speed, which my boyfriend got sick once we got of, nice! Despite the beautiful scenery, you could walk from one-side of the island to the other in less than an minute. That said, there were plenty of snorkeling to be had, with stunning fish to see. Mind you I got pretty sea sick after myself, well after spending 3 hours on an island, sea all around you, with no where to escape to, I guess you would feel sick too.
2) Jeep safari - we booked the trip as the staff highly recommending it, little did I know how fab the day would truly be.  A jeep collected us from the hotel and literally took us on an adventure. Visiting fruit plantations, cigar factory, school, through the slums, cock fighting and finally to the amazing waterfalls, to climb rocks and slide down water falls, it was one of the days I will remember forever.
So that's where I stayed and visits during my wonderful stay in Dominican republic, I will never forgot the experience and would definitely visit again if I could. Next stop for me is Mexico next month, needless to say, I can't wait! 


What you been to Dominican Republic or anywhere else in the Caribbean? Share your views, I would love to hear them.



  1. I'm not much of a travel seeker to be honest (love where I'm at, sad huh) but your holiday looks gorgeous and your pictures are fab.

    Michelle Elyse || www.ladywoolf.com

  2. I have never been but it looks sooooooo fab that I will direct OH to this post and leave big hints.

  3. looks amazing not jealous at all *cough cough* that jeep safari looks sounds brill, lovely pictures!

  4. Your holiday looks wonderful! Thanks for stopping by my blog, good to see you back :)


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