5 January 2014

Jewellery Obsession - January Sales

I've recently discovered 'Gems TV' jewellery auctions on Sky TV and I've become obsessed! Their jewellery is stunning, every gem and diamond is sourced by them selves and is certified. Given that it is January, they've have been doing 'Under £20' Clearence sales and I just couldn't help myself. 

I ordered the above 'Smokey Quartz & Orange Sapphire' silver chain and 'Cullinan Topaz' silver ring last weekend and it arrived this week and they are stunning. The chain has one smokey quartz at 2.13cts and three smokey quartz gems weighting 2.57g.

The 'Cullian Topaz' silver ring has been my favourite purchase of jewellery ever, its perfect if you are looking for that sparkle! I can't wait for summer, so you can really see the natural light hits and reflects on it. Can you believe that it was only £19.99 and RRP was £399, such a bargain!

I ordered two other rings as well, one band with 'White and Black Diamonds' and one 'Rajasthan Garnet'. The white and black diamonds, four in total (0.2cts per diamond), are very very small as you get what you paid for, I only paid £20 for it (RRP £700). I suppose I can only dream of owning a 4-5cts diamond one day :). The 'Rajasthan Garnet' was just stunning with ten 1.51cts gems and the colour is just right for every day wear.


After discovering gems TV I can honestly say I will never return to a jewellers again, it makes you realise not much they do actually charge in comparison to 'Gems TV' . 'Gems TV' source and have their own in-house jewellery designers and that is why they can auction their jewellery at the prices they do.

The main reason on how I discovered this channel was through my boyfriends mum. She is a jewellery expert and has a huge collection of jewellery already, to give you an idea of how obsessed she is with jewellery this is only just one jewellery box she has.
I been on the TV channel again today and I've ordered the following two rings: Mystic Green Topaz Silver Ring (4.77cts) and Sky Blue Crackled Quartz and White Topaz Silver Ring (5.73cts) both costing £50.

Have you got a favourite gem you look out for? 



  1. Wow those are really pretty! I'm not usually one for jewellery but I think I might have to check these out. Really lovely and such a bargain.

  2. Amazing rings what a wonderful collection.

  3. thso rings are soo pretty, i love a nice sparkly piece of jewellry x


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