19 January 2014

Horse Riding Inspired Fashion

I'm a huge fan of horse riding fashion, it one of the very few sports or activity that you can your really put your stamp on in terms of the clothes that you wear. Given the January blues and that today is Blue Monday, it made perfect sense to have a look through the sales online to create a my next horse riding clothing inspired fashion post.
Horse riding clothes tend to be perceived as either black and browns. However, I just think this could be so much more! The above colours would be my personal choice, greys blues and cream, perfect combination. To get a feel for the colours you would go for, for your horse riding inspiring outfit, I've selected a few clothing and footwear options, so you can create your own look from the sections I've put together below. 

Riding Boots 
First off lets start with the horse riding boots, as we all know, this makes the outfit.The above horse riding boots are from Equestrian Clearance 1) Black lace riding boots - £68.99 2) Tan stanford boots - £69 3) Greg stretch field boots £113. My favourite has to be the grey boots, I've never seen a pair like these before. You can wear these boots any day and will get your moneys worth. As you can see on my 'Glamorous Camping' post, you can turn horse riding boots into a fashion statement. I've also saw a beautiful pair of Toggi Canyon Boots on Amazon, which you may like to view.


The above jackets are from New Look and Asos Finder 1) Cream and Brown Quilted Jacket - £35 2) Voi red quilted jacket - £41 3) Pink Gillet - £8. I love the style of the cream and brown jacket but I also like the Pink Gillet as you can easily put a long sleeve top under it. That said, quilted jackets do tend to make you over heat I think, given that they trap heat and have no real airways. If you do go horse riding, I can imagine that you won't be cold and the last thing you want is trying to unzip your jacket when on a fast horse.

The above selection of leggings are from Dorothy Perkins 1) Red Flower Treggings - £15 2) Green Leggings - £12 3) Blue Jeggings £15.I love all of these jeggings/treggings, I'm a huge fan of them and tend to wear these at the weekend with my horse riding style boots and a chucky cream cardi! They are very comfortable, easy to wear and to co-ordinate with an outfit and most of all Cheap.

The above hats are from: Asos grey hat - £55, Ebay red hat - £20, Equestrian black hat - £27. These can be quite uncomfortable, however safety comes first. I have chosen a few fashion horse riding hats and I was proud for finding the red velvet hat. 

Do you tend to wear horse riding inspired clothing for casual wear?


  1. Love that cream jacket, so nice!! I'm not sure about the hats though, love the leggings too :-)

    Helen X


  2. I think these can easily be worn for casual use aswell especially the gorgeous jackets and jeggings.

  3. love those boots would wer all of them and not just for horse riding x

  4. The grey boots and pattern leggings are gorgeous!

    Sarah | Some Sparkle and Shine

  5. I love wearing riding boots - so comfy!!

    Louise x

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