17 December 2013

What Are You Dreaming About this Christmas?

Well hello my lovely readers, are you all set for Christmas yet? Or are you like most people where you are last minute.com? Everyone's dreams are different at Christmas, some like the expensive gifts others simply enjoy the quality time with the most important people in their life, as its the thought that counts. That said, there is one thing that most people dream about and that's.. wait for it... A White Christmas
In 2011 when I was home in Ireland we had such a lovely snowfall for Christmas, as you can see how lovely and festive it was in the above pictures in Donegal, Ireland. If you are from the UK, then you are probably thinking right now about how the met office warned us of 100 days of snow to start in November, which we are yet to witness in most cities. To be honest, I'm very disappointed that we've not yet had the joy of snow as it is really beautiful at Christmas and gets you in the mood for some festival fun! Therefore, I decided to do a bit of research around chances of snow in the UK and Leeds is currently 5/1, which is promising! However cities such as Manachester and New Castle have lower odds of 4/1 with a higher chance of it showing on Christmas Day, so get your scarfs and hats ready for building snowmen! If you interesting in checking the chances in your area, check out the cool tool at http://www.willigetawhitechristmas.com/.

Another thing I get really excited about at Christmas is Christmas jumpers, as you can't have snow without a warm quirky Chirstmas jumper. I've had a browse online and the following jumpers leaped out at me.

'Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal' Christmas Jumper - Boohoo £15
Grey Penguin Christmas Jumper- New Look £27
Green Light Up Penguin Christmas Jumper - Ebay £37
Reindeer Christmas Jumper - John Lewis £25

My favourite one has to be the first one from Boohoo at £15, as we all know the famous quote 'Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal' from Home Alone the movie. The second I saw Sam from TOWIE spotted on Daily Mail wearing this jumper, I had to get it, so I've ordered it and its in the post, ready for me to wear on Christmas Eve.

So that's the two things I dream about Christmas and look forward to every year. However, if you are lover of shoes then please read my post on Christmas Party Shoes or if you are a lover of Russian / fur hats then here's an outfit post on Autumn days.

Are you a lover of a white Christmas and Christmas jumpers or what do you dream about at Christmas?


  1. Ahh I would love it to snow on Christmas day and all be gone by the 27th.....hehehe I like snow but not the chaos it causes!!
    I love Christmas jumpers...I need to get one soon!!

  2. I'm dreaming of a #ffffff Christmas.. lol
    I love the Christmas jumpers! Especially those that has penguins on it. So cute! *-*

  3. I love white Chrsitmas. What is Christmas without snow...But the terrible roads after the snow starts melting is awful. I just wish the snow would disappear at one go after the festivities :)

  4. I love Christmas and it is so exciting when you wake up to find it has snowed. I would literally wake the entire street up with my squeals of delight!

    I adore that jumper bottom left, the penguin that lights up! Wish I had seen it before the end of posting, I would have ordered it.

  5. I dream about lots of food and drink at Christmas. I love food sooo much and Christmas is the time to eat drink and be merry lol x

  6. I would love to be able to eat and eat this Christmas - it seems like there is so much lovely food (I shall try and be good though). I'm loving the Reindeer jumper as well :) x

  7. I love all those Christmas jumpers, I really need to invest in one.




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