27 October 2013

Can You See What I See..

As promised on Twitter, I've written this post to give you an insight into my life and share with you all what I see on a daily basis. The wonderful people at Boots got in touch to collaborate with me on this post to express the importance of taking care of your eyes and ensuring they are of good health, given the national eye health care week recently. Whats more exciting is that it was my birthday last week and you'll get to see what I did through-out the whole day and so it begins...

The worse thing about October is that its the first month of the cold dark mornings and its hard to adopt to after the wonderful summer we had. I got up in the morning and as always I got a shower and brushed my teeth to freshen and wake my-self up. The first thing I tend to see when i look in the mirror is blur and steam from the shower, as you can see in the top left picture above!

After the shower I put my make-up on, as I can never leave the house without my face on, mind you I only like the natural look and not too heavy on the eyes as too much make-up is not good for your skin and can risk eye infections with too much around the eyes.

So I leave the house to go to work on the train, I know what your thinking 'working on your birthday'.. well my job is much better than any other as we get to work birthday hours, I got to finish at 3. Anyhow, when I got to work I had loads of cards waiting and some lovely cupcakes and I even made a homemade Baileys cheesecake the night before and can you guess what I had for mid-morning breakfast?? I know its bad to eat sweet treats in the morning, but its not your birthday everyday was my motto.. :)

My lovely friend Maria at Fashion-Infatuation took me out for lunch at Pret a Manger. Maria got me some lovely presents, which included a gorgeous friend bracelet with a message 'share memories, laughter and happiness', nail files, lip gloss set and compact mirror. When we left to head back to work for the last 1-2hours, the rain was pouring down and we got soaked wet through, which you'll see how curly my hair got when I went for dinner.

My lovely man Dave met me after I finished work and took me shopping as a birthday treat. We went around the new Trinity shopping centre in Leeds and took some pictures of the grand status and the centre itself. After that I went around the shops and my boyfriend bought me a new leather jacket and some lovely jeans, plus many more lovely things. 

After shopping I went to Las Iguanas for a meal and they treated me to a Mojito cocktail with a candle in it and I took major advantage to their 2-4-1 cocktails. We had some yummy tapas sharing dishes for starter followed by chilli con carne for our main. I then went back home and had so many presents waiting for me, from; flowers, clothes, make-up to loads and loads of chocolates, cakes and wine.

And that's it... that was a day into my life! I was amazed when putting this post together on how much I actually do in a day! This has really taught me the value of caring for your eyes and ensuring you get regular eye checks. I've also realised that I sit at my laptop for long periods of time during the day and that can't be good for your eyesight! 

Therefore, please do book yourself in for an eye check at Boots

Have you ever sat back think about what you go through in a day?

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  1. This is such a cute post. It really looks like you had a lovely Birthday and had a packed day.
    Happy Birthday for last week xx


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