15 August 2013

Review - Mega Bounce Sleep-In-Rollers

After numerous people recommending Sleep-In-Rollers to me, I finally got to try them out for myself. The kind people at Sleep-In-Rollers sent me a 'Mega Bounce' gift set to test for myself. I was so excited when they arrived and couldn't wait to put them in my hair. 


When the 'Mega Bounce Gift Set' arrived and I was amazed with how much was in the set, the gift set contained; 10 mega bounce Sleep-In-Rollers, 10 original Sleep-In-Rollers, Drawstring Bag Hairdryer Hood and Velour pouch with clips. 

After my rollers arrived I thought I would relax on Friday night after a long hard day at work. So when I got home, I got into my comfortable pyjamas and put the rollers in. I even opened a bottle of rosie wine and watched a film with my boyfriend Dave.

When putting the rollers in they where very easy to roll up and stayed in place without falling out.Though, like any girl I need help with my hair at the back, to ensure the rollers were spread evenly and covered all my hair. So I got my boyfriend to help, yes I know, there's not many men out there that would help a lady fix their hair. 

The rollers did feel very comfortable and where so much better than the standard rollers you can get. They where really soft and fine to sleep in. However, the only slighly negative thing to say is that my neck was getting very itchy with the bottom rollers scratching my neck. 

Stayed tuned for part two of this post, where it will show how my hair looks after sleeping in these rollers, as I've used these many times since I got them and I want to show you all the different ways I've done my hair. 

Have you ever tried Sleep-In-Rollers? Whats your thoughts on them?



  1. Hi, we use heated rollers a lot but they don't last too long. it will be interesting to see how long yours lasted! x

  2. I too use heated rollers, and although I like them, they drop quick, especially with heavy hair like mine!

  3. I have these too, i found them so uncomfortable to sleep in, i have seen you can buy a hood which plugs into your hairdryer so i would probably get that then sleeping in them again, glad you found them comfortable :)

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    Frankie xxx

  4. These look fab! I've been wanting to try some sleep in rollers for ages!

    Can't wait to read part 2!

    Helen XX


  5. Where is part two?:)

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