27 August 2013

Angels and Devils - Hen Party Theme

If you read my blog regularly you may have come across one of my fancy dress posts in the past, one being ‘Ideas for Fancy Dress' where I've shared with you all my favourite fancy dress costumes, some of which I have made from stretch. I absolutely loved dressing up when I was a student and more or less every event I went too was doing the Otley run in fancy dress. However, given my full-time job as an Account Manager, there are not many events I go to now that are fancy dress, as working within the business market events are in the form of formal lunches and dinners with my clients.

Anyhow as you can see above, I recently got the chance to dress up for my sister’s hen party in Liverpool. The theme was angels and devils, well when I say angels, I mean the bride to be was an angel and everyone else dressed as a devil. We went for the minimal look, where we wore red dresses and clip in horns.

When we went out in Liverpool, we got some great feedback about our outfits and everyone said they never seen an angel and devils theme for a hen party before, which is great as we wanted to do something different to the usual hen party that you usually find with the L plates etc.

Source: Igloo Liverpool
That said, Halloween is just around the corner and I need to start thinking of what my next costume should be. So I thought it would be worth putting a small list together with a few ideas on what you could dress up as for Halloween if you are going out with a group of friends:

Where’s Wally – This has been a huge theme lately and you could only get away with this if you were in a big group. All you need is some shorts, red and white shirt, hat and socks. Add some braces and black glasses to give that extra geeky look. 

Smurfs – As with Where’s Wally you would need to be in a group to pull this one off, but its really simple to paint your self blue and wearing a white hat, top and trousers/skirt. 

Disney - This is a great one for both guys and ladies, as everyone aspires to be a superhero, princess or even villain. 

Thriller - Michael Jackson 'Thriller' is a great theme and perfect around Halloween. Although, you will need to buy some really cheap clothes for this, as you'll need to cut them up and put some red paint on you to give you that zombie look. However, you could easily just buy a zombie costume from Fancy Dress Ball. Plus they have many more wonderful costumes for all themes. 

The thing to remember is, you don’t need to go for the scary and spooky stuff just because its Halloween, times have well and truly moved on since then. 

Have you recently done fancy dress or do you have a costume in mind for Halloween? 


  1. You look very glam! I never know what to dress up as, love the angels and devils theme

  2. Aw you all look great!, love the theme you went for.


  3. I absolutely love this idea, how fab,I would never of thought of this idea.
    My hen party is next week but I'm doing the typical hen night with the sashes.
    All you hens look lovely with the dresses and so does the bride.
    I already can't wait for Halloween now.

    x x x


  4. I am loving this theme, you all look stunning yet still themed and not silly.
    It looked like you had fun, great blog post


  5. You all look amazing, and what a great way to do a low key dress up - for some reason I can never go 'the full hog' as I just feel out of place.

    Life in a Break Down

  6. Great costumes, hens!
    I'm suiting up for a stag do next week - keeping it classy - but I will be in need of a costume come late October so thanks for the ideas!

  7. Angel and devil theme, from profession I am also a event organizer and organized many events including wedding and hen parties, but the thing which I never tried is the angel and devil theme, thanks a lot for sharing such an innovative idea with us.

  8. Great post, hun! You're all gorgeous! Love the idea of a angel and devils hen party theme :) xxx

  9. I love that idea, it looks so amazing!:)
    Thank's for sharing, I just looking for such fresh and cute ideas, next year I'm getting married, and it's high time to think about everything! :)


  10. Hen Party Theme! Loved it. Those wings on the bride to be are looking so cute. She resembles as the really fairy from the movies. this post was so joyful for me as well. Would like to use these inspirations in my sister’s hen party that I plan to host at one of the rental LA venues.


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