24 July 2013

Murad Skincare Event Leeds at House of Frazer

Earlier this month I was kindly invited to the Murad Skincare event, which was held at House of Frazer in Leeds. I was invited along to the blogger event with my fellow bloggers: Emma at 'The Awkward Magazine', Chloe at 'Memoirs of a Little Thing Called Life' and Amy at 'Amy Liz'. On arrival, we were greeted by the lovely staff who introduced them selves all individually (Elliot, Debbie, Zoe and Sarah to name a few), who ensured that our glasses of wine didn't run dry throughout the event. 

After the staff introduced them selves, the manager stood up and done a speech, where she thanked us all for attended the event and also to their special guests, who were the Lord Mayor of Leeds and Claire Cooper (Jacqui McQueen from Hollyoaks). Now that's when I got really impressed, the fact that the Mayor came out of his busy schedule to come and support the event and also to give a good speech, where he wished Murad all the success in the world was impressive. I was really star struck with Claire Cooper, as I absolutely love Hollyoaks and the McQueens are the main characters in it, she was really lovely and was happy to get a picture with me. 

After the introductions and speeches were made, we got offered the chance to have free mini facials and skin health assessments. I jumped at the chance to have a facial, as they make you feel relaxed and this was exactly what I needed straight after a long day at work. The lady who specialised on facials, was really nice and give me loads of compliments on my skin (apologies for not getting her name). I was gutted I didn't get time to have a skin consultant as it was very busy and I was keen to be sociable to others who attended, but I will definitely be going back to Murad in the near future. 

Once we finished our mini-facials, Zoe presented to the bloggers giving us background information on Murad skincare and why they are different from other skincare brands. For those of you who are not aware of Murad Skincare, Murad is the worlds first doctor-developed skincare brand, created by world-renowned California dermatologist Dr Howard Murad. Murad offers results driven and targeting skincare solutions to treat every skin, from clearing spots to revealing radiance.

We then received a gift bag, with the following four skin care products in it:

Oil-Free Sunscreen - Prevent sun and free radical damage.

Essential-C Cleanser - Cleanse and purify environmentally damaged skin by washing away impurities and soothing stressed skin.

Energising Pomegranate Lip Protector - Revitalize dry, dehydrated lips while improving texture and protecting against UVA/UVB rays.

Advance Active Radiance Serum - Improve brightness, clarify and radiance by 60% in less than one week while renewing skin for smoother, more youthful complexion. 

I must say that my favourite product was the pomegranate lip protector and I've used this more or less very single day, as it has been really hot recently and my lips often get dehydrated when in the sun and this has been a god send.

As mentioned above, it has been really hot in the UK lately and when the sun comes out it means put sun protection on. Therefore, I took the advantage of trying the sunscreen out and I must say it wasn't greasy and in fact it gave me a glow, whilst protecting my skin from radical damage.

I wanted to thank all the lovely staff at Murad Skincare, who invited my to their event and also for taking special care of myself and my fellow bloggers. This was their first shop opening in Leeds and what a great city to open in and right across from the amazing Trinity shopping centre, so I wish Murad and their lovely staff all the best. 

Do you have any essential skin care products? If so, why do you swear by them?


  1. Such a great even and nice pictures <3 I love your blog bye the way.
    Following you on gfc, babe <3

  2. Thanks so much for your super nice comment on my blog earlier! :) I appreciate it dear and I have heard excellent things about Murad products, so thanks for sharing this post! Hope you have a good weekend dear and stop by soon again sweetie! xx Pip

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