4 July 2013

Glamorous Camping - What to Pack?

Its that time of year when some of us consider going on a long weekend camping trip, whether it be in a local field or somewhere nice in the lake district or Yorkshire Dales. If you are any thing like me, into fashion and beauty but struggle deciding what to pack, then this post is for you. Plus, this will definitely help me pack when I'm going camping later this month for the very first time. I've considered what essential items you should bring with you without thinking about packing your whole wardrobe! So think of it as a check-list. 


Dublin Pinnacle Boots at £114.99 from Equestrian Clearance. Rather than wearing wellies, I would prefer to wear riding boots as they look more stylish and you can more or less wear them with anything. Not only that are they more comfortable to walk in, you don't have to dread the rubber rubbing your skin and leaving horrible burn marks up your leg.

Molly Jeggings at £35 from River Island. Jeggings give you the look of jeans but are more comfortable with softer fabric. They are also lighter that the normal every day pair of jeans, so you can easily pack these. 

Blazer at £29.99 from Miss Guided. Orange is the colour of the season, and this blazer goes lovely with jeggings and a pain white tee. 

Handbag at £25 from Boohoo. This is perfect bag to carry all the beauty essentials outlined below and also your camera to take some scenic pictures with. And not to forget of course the fabulous style of the bag. 

Necklace at £30 from ASOS. This goes great with the blazer and is a statement piece of the outfit and matching well with the gorgeous boots.

Simple Face Wipes at £3.25. You won't get hot water when camping unless you camp in a camping site. However always carry a pack of face wipes to refresh your self before and after you sleep. 

Batiste Dry Shampoo at £4.99. This works wonder when you've missed a day washing your hair. Although, I would recommend putting this in your hair before you go to sleep, so in the morning the shampoo is not as noticeable. 

Impulse Spray at £1.99. Every lady needs an impulse spray in their bag to freshen up.

Maybelline Mascara at £7.99.  There is no need to wear loads of make-up, remember less is more. I reckon all you need is a bit of mascara to give your eyes a little lift. 

Trevor Hair Rollers at £15.99. This will work wonders, as you'll have no electricity when camping and can't use your ghds, the best next thing is rollers, put these in your hair after your dry shampoo and you'll wake up in the morning with fresh and wavy hair, which you won't even need to brush. 

All of the above are from my favourite health and beauty store Boots.com

Obviously you will need to bring a tent, sleeping bag and some warm lounge wear to sleep in when going camping, so don't forget to pack those items. 

What essential item would you take with you when going glamorous camping?


  1. we are thinking of going glamping this summer too - not yet thought as far as what to pack!

  2. I really want to go glamping, years of the Duke of Edinburgh award and the terrible weather at a festival last year have put me off regular camping forever!

    Sara - Pretty In Pink

  3. Absolutely LOVE the bag! May have to buy it! xx


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