19 June 2013

Review - Red Hot Restaurant Leeds

On Thursday I went to review the Red Hot World Buffet in Leeds, after they very kindly invite me for a complementary dinner. I heard loads of mixed reviews of the restaurant, so was very keen to try it out for myself. I most say it was very generous and I'm thankful to Red Hot for the invite. On arrival, the bar was very sleek and stylish. I was amazed when walking down to the restaurant, as you walked through a short tunnel in the style of a airbus, which was a bit of a surprise.

The Starter
I was so impressed by the selection of starters and the variety you could choose from. To be more specific, I had Sushi, crab balls, Tempura Prawns, chicken wings as my first choice, which I thought was delicious. It was that nice I even went back for a seconds, which I got pots of chilli con carne with a few nachos, with onion bhaji. Okay, I know bit of a weird mix, but that's me.

The Main
Again, not a fault with the mains, you could choose from Chinese, Indian, Thai, Roasts, Pizzas, Pastas, Salads and many more. My partner used the live station, where you request what food you like and they make it fresh in front of you, so he had chicken tagliatelle. I decided to go for chicken tikka massala, with steamed rice, fresh naan bread and potato wedges, and it was so delicious. 

The Deserts
I really wish I could of tried all the deserts but I was just to full following the starers and the main. However, I do admit I had a few nibbles, I tired the blueberry cheesecake, strawberry mousse and marshmallows dipped into the chocolate fountain. 

You can see the full menu on red hot buffet here: http://www.redhot-worldbuffet.com/restaurants/leeds/buffet-menu/

The Drinks
I had a Sex on the beach cocktail, to begin with, which was lovely and pretty strong. However, after seeing the signature cocktail come out for my boyfriend I thought I definitely had to get one of those as well. 'Peach Schnapps, freshly chopped plums, a dash of peach syrup and grenadine delicately blended over ice' sounds good doesn't it? It tasted as good as it sounded I must say.

I would highly recommend Red Hot if you are a fussy eater or even not a picky eater, as there is just so much to chose from and are sure to find something to your liking.

The only slightly negative thing I would say is when I arrived I got questioned a lot about the booking, which I thought would have been all organised and would be expecting me to arrive to perhaps greet me. However, once I showed the manager all the details, he offered me and my partner a cocktail and introduced us to the waiter who would look after us during our meal.

Have you ever been to a Red Hot Buffet?

Thanks to Red Hot for inviting me to review their Leeds Buffet.


  1. I loved the signature cocktail as well but think the make it slightly differently in Manchester as mine had triple sec in! We had a 'chefs table' but are going back for buffet style next week :)

  2. I love red hot buffet. I'm yet to try a single dessert though - I'm always too stuffed! lol

  3. Your Red Hot looks very different to ours!

    I'm impressed you only had one main course - I have about 10!!! lol. The desserts are worth making room for!

    Sparkles &




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