10 May 2013

A Touch of Colour..

I'm so excited that we are approaching the summer months and the colder months are now finally behind us. Over the past week we have seen some lovely weather in Leeds and it really does brighten up your day, lets be honest it does make people a lot happier. 

As the weather is not yet that hot to go all out on Maxi dresses or a skirt and top, I thought a pair of jeans and a bright colour top would do the trick for Spring. Anyhow, I love this bright orange jumper, as its very light weight and perfect for spring. In addition, its all about neon colours at the minute, so make sure you all have at least bright colour item in your wardrobe as you'll fit right in. 

I've teamed this light jumper from Very.co.uk with these slim fitting jeans with leather panel down the front and back pockets, these jeans are also from Very.co.uk, which were an amazing bargain of £9 in the sale. I receive so many compliments when wearing them. With most dark jeans, its difficult to maintain their dark colour, as then tend to fade after a good few washes, however these jeans have not faded after so many washes which shows the quality and they were worth every penny.

You may have seen my ankle heeled boots in one of my previous posts, where they're teamed with burgundy skinny jeans, you can see this post here. These were from New Look. 

Have you got a favourite bright colour item for Spring / Summer? 

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  1. I am sad that I am heading into winter. I have to get back into layering and my winter woolies.

  2. what a great choice! Love your shoe!

  3. 9 quid what a bargain! i wish we would get some summer weather that would last. was so lovely yesterday, then today - back to rain. you never know what to plan, or wear

  4. Love the jeans! you look so stylish! :)


  5. You have a lovely blog hun...your new follower xx


  6. Love the colour of the top! :)

    justrach.com xo

  7. Love the colour! Don't know I'd have the guts to pull it off though! I tend to stick with black!


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