7 January 2013

Male Fashion Trends.

Hope you've all had an amazing new year.. I'm currently looking through my photos over the festive period, so will share them all with you shortly. Anyhow, alot of people have asked me to post more on mens fashion. To be honest, if it weren't for my man, I would never be kept in the loop of the male fashion world.

One of this biggest trend items at the minute for Male fashion, have to be the skinny leg trousers or Jeans. However, I wouldn't recommend going completely tight around the waist line as you can end up looking very silly and may start to walk like a penguin. another one of my favourite trends in a man, has to be the leather jacket, this is one item that all men need in their wardrobe and I can assure you that you will get your wear out of it, as leather jackets never get old. 

Leather jackets can be worn with either a simple Tee or knitted jumper to create a casual look through the day. For a evening look, whether going out for dinner or even for a few cheeky drinks, a shirt and tie would be ideal! When shopping for a male fashion items, I would recommend shopping at Jonathan Trumbull, Topshop or Paul Smith.

I had a browse online to find Male fashion blogs and I came across the following amazing blog's and magazines, which offer male fashion advice, plus much more:

Have you got any male fashion tips which you would like to share?


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  1. I do like your male fashion posts, you should do more!


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