3 December 2012

Christmas Party Shoes..

Yeah, we are in December, which means we can scream about Christmas! Although, some of you might be stressing as you may have not yet started your Christmas shopping, meaning you only have a few weeks left! I'm more or less finalised now, just have my fella to shop for. Anyhow, alot of bloggers talk about what dresses to get for the staff doo at this time of year, well I thought it would only be appreciate to talk about SHOES, as we all need a trendy pair of heels to go with those dresses!
What I've done above is take four pairs of shoes, with four budgets in mind. Although, two pairs could well appear only in our dreams!

Emilio Shoes: Top left shoes, These are vintage lace and only cost £28 at Brantano. Lace is always a must have during Christmas, whether this is a lace dress or shoes. Although, I wouldn't recommend wearing a lace dress with a pair of lace shoes, as this would just clash.These shoes would go perfect with a lovely prom style dress.

Pink London: Bottom left shoes, are from New Look at £59.99. Everyone likes a pair of gold shoes for Christmas, as gold goes perfectly with red, to give off those festival colours. These shoes would go perfect with a slim fitted red dress.

Christian Louboutin: Bottom right shoes, a pair of these shoes are what girls dream off, if only we were rich and could afford even one pair would be amazing. These cost a whooping £975! I want these under my Christmas tree this year! These shoes would go with a cream clifton dress!

Jimmy Choo: Top right shoes, another designer pair of shoes we would love in our wardrobe. The lovely purple feather detail and give off that fashion statement. These cost a huge £695. Would go perfect with a gold a sequin dress.

Have you got a dream pair of shoes which you would like under your tree?



  1. The Christian Louboutin shoes are just to die for!!!

  2. Those feather shoes are TOO amazing!

  3. Love this post girl! The perfect shoe adds just the right touch to a party dress. I would LOVE those purple feather Jimmy Choo's :) sooooo fabulous!!! :) Thanks for a great post, doll!



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