30 September 2012

Perfect Autumn Jacket - The Barbour Jacket

You're all probably thinking why I haven't written a post in a while. I had a nice 10 day break and I really enjoyed the sun, which I now have the holiday blues. I did find it really hard to come back to the UK, as when I went on holiday it was lovely and sunny, when I came back the winter coats had to come out again. Anyhow, as its now the season to start wearing jackets/coats again, I thought I may as well write a post on Jackets.

I decided to base this post on Barbour, because I would love to own one. Although I do own a Jacket which looks just like a Barbour from Next, it's so warm and cosy, and of really good quality. Don't get me wrong I do absolutely love Barbour jackets, its a shame really that they are so expensive, as I love the waxed Barbour biker jacket second left on the top row, which comes in at £598. However, this is probably the most pricey Barbour jacket I've come across, if your looking for a more basic Barbour jacket then the top right 'Tan and Navy' jacket is £118 and looks so nice as well. You can view the full collection of Barbour jackets above from Jules B.

When browsing online, I came across a picture of princess Diana in a Barbour jacket, going back a long way. I think the princess looks so pretty as she always did, rest her soul. As you can also see in the picture below, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are also backing the Barbour jacket trend.

Are you a Barbour jacket fan?


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