5 September 2012

Birthday Present Ideas For Your Boyfriend..

I find it extremely difficult to buy presents for my boyfriend. I think all us women do, the fact is I don't really want to buy him any gadgets, as that just means they will be glued to them, for example an Play Station, women would only complain when their heads are glued to the TV screen. Anyhow, I've come up with some ideas of what you can buy your boyfriend, based on my fella's choices in fashion: 

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Please excuse the picture - its not the best one. However, should give you an idea of male fashion at the minute. 


These are a huge trend currently within the male fashion industry, they come in so many shapes and colours. Personally, I'm not a huge fan as some men walk around with their bum hanging out, which isn't a good look. Suppose it comes down to how you wear them and the outfit above lines this. The chino's I selected her are from Van Mildert, which I selected, these Firetrap Chinos ones for just £34. 

Denim Jacket / Shirt

I don't know what it is about Stone Island, but men seem to love this brand and would love at least one piece of clothing from this brand in their wardrobe. Them mainly specialise in jackets and shirts. This Stone Island Jacket costs £195. I now this on the pricey side, however  the quality is worth it. 


This is just a basic vest from Topman retailed at £7. Vests are basic essentials for men and can go under any shirt, top of jacket. 


These are also huge within the male fashion industry lately. My fella has so many, you can get these Toms from Office at £35. 


The watch included in the picture is a Toywatch at £311. I have a thing about watches, I believe they are bad luck when buying or your partner. Although, they are a nice present to buy. 

It really comes down to what age your fella will become in his next birthday, as to the size of the present. Any of the above would make great special occasions presents. My fella's 30th Birthday is coming up in a few months. I plan well in advantage, so I can save for this present. This is certainly a big one, he can't make his mind up on what he wants (He doesn't like suprises and likes to decide on what he wants), that list currently consists of the following: 

  • Short Break away 
  • Money towards a car 
  • Laptop 
  • Playstation - This is certainly off the list! he he 

What Does Your Man Like? Does He Create Lists? 

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  1. Good post! The Toy Watch is what I would want on my birthday.

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