28 August 2012

Time For a Blog Change...

Hi All,I want to change the theme and style of my blog and would love all of your suggestions, as I've had this style for around 6months now. Please could you give me your feedback on my latest design for my blog header?

However, when I tried to set this on my blog it was really difficult to get this the full length across the top section. Could anyone maybe help me with this?

Another option I have for the blog header is pictures of my self, but then yet again I'm not the greatest at designing. I think I will probably end up paying someone to do this for me. 

Another few things that you will expect to see, coming soon:
  • A male section - so all your ladies struggling on what to get your partners can no longer fear!
  • A Beauty section - Showing you the latest makeup and beauty tips!
For all you fashion bloggers looking to increase your blog awareness, please see my previous post on blog tips.

I just like to keep my readers engaged with my blog and therefore would love to here your thoughts? 



  1. Do you have any other font options?

    also a less fussy background perhaps?

    love the little hand drawn woman though!

    1. Thank you for your comments! I definately agree on the background image, i'm thinking a white background and more of statement header at the minute. I will defo have to get someone to design the fonts etc.. xoxo

  2. I love love love the header you have on this post! If you can get it to work, it would look amazing and maybe a black background would be so nice with this as well! Can't wait to see it once it is done! Sorry, I don't have much advice on how to help. I always google everything to try to figure it out myself and somehow manage to get it to work sometimes! xx Pip


  3. Thanks for the tips!!! can;t wait to see more!!! xxx


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