8 August 2012

Celebrities and Designer Clothing..

I really wish I was rich to be able to afford high designer brand labelled clothing. When I look at celebrities in their designer clothing I just want to be them, although don't we all want to be like that? I came across celebrities and what designer campaigns they have been associated with: 
         Miranda Kerr -Seafolly

Miranda Kerr, has one of thee most beautiful figures in the world! She looks amazing and so naturally stunning. Orlando Bloom is one lucky man. Anyhow, as Miranda used to be a Seafolly campaign model, I thought I would feature her in my collection of Seafolly Swimsuits. My favourite one has to be the turquoise one, it's just so summery looking and would look fab on the beach. 
Rihanna - ARMANI

Isn't Rihanna amazing? Doesn't she have a fab figure? Although she does always tend to go out and make a statement, no matter what she is wearing she will be mentioned somewhere in the press for somewhat or the other. Anyhow, I thought I would select the above two jackets as they would look great with a pair of Armani Jeans, what do you think? My personal favourite has to be the red jacket, ever since Christmas last year I've got an obsession with red, Red, RED.. You can find these items at White's Boutique

All's I can say is thank god for high street shops, as one shop or the other will try and copy the designer labels. Although, some people would argue that you can always tell a designer label from a high street one. 

Anyhow, what do you think to designer clothing? 



  1. I love Miranda Kerr's swimsuit!!! I also love designer clothing and wish I could be decked out in designer clothes everyday! xx, Pip


  2. Ah yeah; I would love to have millions in my bank account as well. Ha, gosh than I would have SO many clothes.

    Great blog: I'm your new follower <3

    Lots of love; Pauline


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