27 July 2012

Tourist Attractions and Glorious Shoes..

As you are all well aware, I have an obsession with shoes! I need a new shoe collection and its that time of year where I need to stock up, as the sales have well and truly hitted the shops. During the spring summer months I love wearing my wedged heeled sandals, not only are they comfortable but they are very fashionable. As you can see from the picture below I have selected a number of different styles of wedges and also included some summer chic heels and flats.

1: Tan leather Wedges - £45
2: White Flower Jewel Footbeds - £25
3: Black Looped Wedges - £23
4: Zebra Print Wedges - £45
5: Navy Croc Effect Heels - £50
6: Nude Embellished Peep Toe - £50
7: Tan flower Rope Wedges - £45

The above picture is my self when I was touring about the tourist attractions in Ireland, when I was back home last month. I love these baby pink wedged heels they look so chic but simple as the same time. I can wear them with anything. Therefore, I need more wedges for my summer holidays therefore, I browsed around Next (one of my favourite stores) to see their latest collection of summer shoes. I wanted a variety of flat, wedged and high heels to wear at different times of the day during my holidays. 

Numbers 1,3,4 and 7

Would be perfect for my self to travel around with and see what my summer destination has to offer. 

Number 2

These white sandals would be perfect for walking to the beach in or even around the pool area.

Numbers 5 and 6

These are just wow.. I love these, aren't they just perfect for those summer nights out after a long day at the Beach? At night this gives you the chance to get really dressed up after being in a bikini or shorts all day. 

What do you think? Do you have a particular shoe type that you prefer whilst on holidays? 

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