9 August 2012

Summer Trip Home to Ireland - Special Occasions and Beaches

As some of you may have read in one of my previous posts on special occasion outfits, which I created an outfit that I wanted to wear to my little sisters First Holy Communion in Ireland. I have got some pictures to share with you, the weather stayed really nice although it was a bit windy. However, was great to catch up with all my family as its not very often we are all together and we had a great day. Anyhow, I have some pictures to share with you all as I promised, I hope you like them. 

Doesn't my little sister look so nice? She was so so cute and really excited. .

This is me and the fella as you can tell. This was very early in the morning 9.30am. 

Some of my sisters.. 

The weather the day after the first communion was so so hot, so we ended up going to the beach. The beaches are like Tailand, with white sands, clear water and a clear blue sky. I had such a good day, here is some more photos to share with you all. 

You wouldn't think this was Ireland would you? 

This was literally on top of a cliff, was so nice looking down. 

The best thing about Ireland's Beaches is that the beaches are so clean, as it only this sunny a few times a year, therefore you won't see much about them 99% of year. 

Some more pictures of my sisters! I like this photo as its not very often the four of us would be in a picture. 

I love this picture! I've even got a this printed on a big Canvas, which I'm awaiting it to come in the post. I will write a post on it for you all. 

I have so many pictures! I will have to do a part 2 post with more pictures  :)

Where would you like to go in the world? Have you got a favourite place?



  1. Your dress is gorgeous! The beach looks amazing, if only we had the weather to enjoy it more often :)

    Laura xo

    1. Yes definitively! Where about are you from? I was born in Donegal! xoxo

  2. You looked so lovely! :)



  3. I love this post and your blog so much! :)
    Hope you could check mine out too and follow me if you like it! :) Tina

  4. WOW !! Lovely pics and great outfits :)

    Check out my new post...
    ❤ StylishByNature.com

  5. I definitely wouldn't think this was Ireland! It looks really nice!


  6. hope u have a great summer dear...u look beautiful and ur little sister is so cute
    btw maybe u mind to fllw each other?let me know


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