23 July 2012

Music Festival Fashion: Hot Pants and a Parka

I'm going to Leeds festival at the end of August (god I do have a busy summer planned), this will be my first weekender festival as I normally tend to go to a music for just one day. This will definitely be an experience, as I'm a girly girl and thinking about the fact that I'm unable to have a shower for a few days, gives me negative thoughts. Anyhow, I selected a few items below on what I will be wearing to Leeds Festival. 

Lipsy Parka Coat Next - £37.50
Denim Hot Pants Desire Clothing - £10
Leopard Heart Vest Asos - £10
Leopard Print Socks Gap - £5
Festival Wellies Amazon - £19.99

What do you think to my outfit? The reason I've selected denim shorts and a parka jacket is due to the many celebrities who are pulling this trend off i.e. Mollie King and Kate Moss. However, a lot of people tend to go for a green parka due to being the festival colour. I would prefer to go or a lighter colour due to the fact if it happens to be a warm sunny day then the sun will reflect off you rather than absorbing the heat, which is not what you want in a busy crowd of crazy people. The other thing about Parka's is the fact that they are so light, very easy to wear and if don't feel like wearing it then you can easily roll up and put in your bag. Other Womens Coats suitable for a festival is a denim jacket or even a tassel waist coat, which would look fab for a Boho festival style look (as shown in one of my previous posts on Boho Style Chic).

I love these denim shorts with this vest top, I've decided to team the vest up with the leopard print knee high socks. As I'm one of those people who at least need two things matching in an outfit.

What about you, are you a music festival this year?


  1. thank you so much for your sweet comment:)) it's so good to have that good support:D you'r ethe best!! love this outfit you picked!! the socks look amazing with the rain boots! I love pattern mixing:) have a great week! I have a new post if you want to check it out!:D


  2. Love the heart vest top! So pretty! xo

    Megan Jane // Seek My Scribbles

  3. Parkas are perfect for the festivals. But it's so difficult to find a perfect one;)





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