11 April 2012

Looking for those perfect sunglasses? What about Ray Bans?

I know it's not the greatest weather in the UK at the minute to wear sunglasses. However, we will need a pair for when we all jet off a plane to a hot country. Sunglasses can be a tricky one, as some people tend to go for the more expensive but quality ones, which will  last longer, others will go for any sunnies that just look good on them, merely from the high street stores. As you might be aware on one of my previous posts that I got bought a pair of Lipsy Sunglasses. These where really good quality and I loved them. However, I've never bought a pair of designer shades and I would definitely like to try a pair of Ray-Bans out.

What do you think to my great bargain finds on Ran-Ban sunglasses? I found these from the on line store Supersunglassesstore.com. I really love the bottom two pairs mainly because they look a bit more girly and I'm a very girly girl. There is a selection of Ray Ban Cats 5000, Ray Ban Jackie Ohh and Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses in this collection that I've put together in the image above. 

Also another thing about Ray-Bans is that they have many different designs and styles to suit all face types and shapes. I've got a round face therefore I suit the more thin square type of sunglasses. However, that doesn't stop me wearing round shapes glasses, just as long as they are not over powering your face and are not nearly the size of your face then you can get away with them.

Have you got a particular favourite designer which you would prefer to buy sunglasses from?



  1. Beautiful sunglasses :) I'm following you now :)


  2. Love this brand :)) You look super cute :) I follow you <3



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