16 April 2012

Horse Riding Fashion

I've always been a huge fan of horses, however, not horse riding. I'm too afraid in case they run off and leave me behind. I've always envisage horse riding to something you see out of the Grand National. The fact is I would like to give horse riding a try as its meant to be really good in terms of fitness. I also love the style of clothes horse riders wear, they just look so comfy and classy considering its a sport. I've put together a horse riding outfit that I would wear. 

Dubarry Boots - £299, Gant UK - Polo Shirt - £44, Amazon - Hat - £28, Ebay - Leggings - £12.99, 
Dubarry - Jacket - £349

What do you think? I still wear these type of leggings despite that I don't go horse riding. They are so comfortable, I've got a black and tan colour pair. Bomber / Barber jackets are also a big thing within this type of fashion as they keep you so warm. In addition, I think this particular type of clothing is extremely priced (I found the majority of the clothes above from Numbereightclothing.com), however its the quality that you are paying for and it will surely last you. Those boots are also a favourite of mine, these can be worn anywhere or for anything, such as, horse riding, hiking or even for a festival. 

It can be a bit different for Men. However, do they actually go horse riding? I've always seen it as a female short, but I'm wrong as I've looked into it and see that men do take part in horse riding and polo. Farah Clothing do the perfect male polo shirts for these types of sports and hobbies.

What do you think to horse riding or do you have a thing for the fashion like myself? 



  1. I love the fashion choices that come with horse riding, I always like the look of the stuff. Would wear the leggings and polo regardless of whether I was riding a horse or not ;)


  2. I dig the pants. Hehe. Thanks also for your comment on my blog. I am now following you on Bloglovin ;)


  3. Im a male who regually wears riding pants and long riding boots, I love the comments i get from women. Great feeling wearing long boots.

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  5. I've always been a huge fan of horses, however, not horse riding.exaggerator

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