30 July 2012

Blake Lively: New GUCCI Ad and Jewellery Style

I'm a big fan of Blake Lively, she is so pretty and we're starting to see a lot more of her in the past year. Her appearance in Gossip Girl has given her the big break and began a fashion Icon. I love her style and that natural stunning look she has makes her outfits look effortless.  A long with her fashion and beauty secrets been mentioned in the latest magazines, she is also know for Hollywood Celebrity dating, which she has dated Leonardo Dicaprio and is currently dating Ryan Reynolds. I think Blake and Ryan make such a nice couple. Anyhow, I've noticed Blake appearing on a new GUCCI Perfume Campaign and she just looks amazing. 

After seeing this advert I thought I would look it up. I never knew she is has been signed as the new face of GUCCI. They definitely selected the best women here, she is truly stunning. Another thing I love about Blake is her selection of Jewellery. As she has a natural beauty, she tends to be minimal in her choice of Jewellery. However, tends to go for more colour's / stone style. Like the following photos. 

I love her colours and style of jewellery. Look at the blue colour in last picture a bit Bohemian style isn't it. I think its quite hard to find this type of Jewellery as I can't honest say I've come across it. Therefore, I decided to browse the Internet and found a store known as Wharton Goldsmith. However, they're a bit on the expensive side of things. Although they where the closest I could find to Blake Lively's style. The following is a selection from Rachel Galley. Don't you think this is just like Blake's style? 

Have you got a particular favourite of Blake Lively's collection of Jewellery? When I was looking through the above collection I couldn't help but browse around the other sections and I came across Trollbeads, which look unique. I definitely I want these for my Birthday present. 

What do you think to Blake Lively? 



  1. She looks gorgeous in the new Gucci campaign! The perfume is lovely too :) xo

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  3. I love Gucci!!! thank you for sharing!!! xxx


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