12 April 2012

The Cravat, The Velvet Suit and Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen’s Wardrobe

As you might have noticed lately, I have been featuring men's fashion tips. It's great having a male contributor to the site as well, as I want to expand my blog further. Therefore, keep an eye out on for more changes.

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen’s Wardrobe

When Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen shot to fame in the 90’s with Changing Rooms, he became notorious for his bold style choices in both interior design and fashion. The flamboyant designer will soon be unleashing an opulent new homeware range, with an exclusive behind the scenes video for Littlewoods customer. Before LLB’s new lines hit the virtual shelves, we’ve decided to take a look at the wardrobe essentials of the fashion icon himself.

LLB Essential 1: The Suit

A self-confessed dandy and lover of all things theatrical, LLB believes that your clothes should reflect your personality. The interior designer is constantly seeking perfection in his furnishings and homeware, so why should his clothes be any different? LLB wouldn’t be seen dead in ‘dad jeans’ and makes sure he’s well turned out from the moment he leaves his four-poster bed. Whether he’s eating breakfast at home or filming a TV interview at a five star hotel, LLB will always be found in a suit that’s perfectly tailored to his frame. Velvet, pinstripe or silk - name any material and LLB will probably have a suit of it hanging in his wardrobe.

LLB Essential 1: Accessories
LLB was known for pushing boundaries on Changing Rooms, so you’d hardly expect him to limit his fashion statements to a simple 2-piece suit. Frilly cravats, oversized cufflinks and colourful pocket squares all complete a look designed to stand out from the crowd.

LLB Essential 2: Silk Pyjamas
Forget an old t-shirt and shorts, LLB believes the perfect attire for a workout is a pair of gentlemen’s silk pyjamas teamed with a velvet smoking jacket. In an interview with the Sun newspaper, LLB claimed: ‘you’ll often see me in the gym at the end of my garden wearing just that, but doing the kind of exercise that means I won’t spill brandy from my glass or knock the end off my cigar.’

LLB Essential 3: Leather Trousers
Once an embarrassing fashion memory from the 90s, leather trousers are now back on the fashion scene and bigger than ever. LLB never gave up on his leather friends and last year gave Wales Online a tip on how to rock the gothic look: ‘The rule of thumb is that when you bend over you shouldn’t look like a DFS sofa. Other than that, I think it’s perfectly doable.’

LLB Essential 4: Heeled Boots
Every woman knows that when it comes to finding out who a man really is, you need to look at his shoes. LLB finishes off his fabulous outfits with a pair of heeled boots in a range of vivid patent finishes. The designer is known to donate his old shoes to local charity shops in the hope of educating the fashion choices of the Cotswolds country folk.

Your chance to quiz Laurence
Littlewoods is giving customers the chance to submit their questions for Laurence to answer during an hour long webchat. Questions can be submitted via the Littlewoods Facebook page now, and each entrant will be in with a chance of winning a spot prize during the live show

Littlewoods Live with Llewelyn Bowen will stream live from the Littlewoods Facebook page at 9pm on Wednesday 13 June, so now’s the time to get your questions in and get some top tips from the man himself.


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