7 January 2012

Character Revealing by your Shoes

A famous actor once remarked that the first thing he does to find the character he is about to play is to find that person’s shoes. Once he’s found the correct shoes for that person, and walked about in them for a while, the rest of the character follows.  

This tallies rather comfortably with the well-known quote: “Before you judge someone, walk a mile in their shoes.” After all, our shoes carry us through our lives and can, to the curious eye, tell a lot about us simply from their cleanliness, their state of wear and their style.

Just ask Sherlock Holmes. He often had a field day with a pair of shoes, from which he could tell the wearer what he or she ate for breakfast, the street number of their home and their number of nephews and nieces.

What’s your shoe?

One could exaggerate wildly by saying there are more types and styles of shoe than there are stars in the night sky (which of course is a silly comparison to make, but you get the idea).
There are shoes for all weathers and environments, from Wellington boots, to sandals, to mukluks.

There are shoes for all manner of pursuits and occasions, from surfing, to mountaineering, to attending a film premier. There are shoes to cater for any taste, from a simple black leather moccasin, to a crocodile skin cowboy boot, to a diamond-studded stiletto.  

So with this in mind, it’s quite easy to understand why that actor can get a ‘sense’ of someone from a pair of shoes. It would be highly unlikely to see a supermarket checkout girl starting her shift wearing a pair of military black parade boots, just as it would be unlikely to see the CEO of a multinational corporation enter a boardroom meeting wearing pink satin ballet slippers. However, it would say a lot about these two characters if they did.

Everyday needs

Whilst it may be necessary to locate a specialist retailer if you are thinking of purchasing a pair of reindeer skin mukluks, a quality retailer like Clarks (which is easier to find and probably more affordable) will do for the majority of us. Clarks men’s shoes will cater for our everyday needs, whatever the season and whatever our requirement.


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