31 May 2012

Boho Festival Style Chic

Its that time of year again when we all go crazy for festivals. When I say festivals I don't mean party rocking for 3days - long weekend. Festivals could simply be a street one day festival with live bands. I love those days, as you can get up early and get out for a good old dance. Whereas a long weekend festival you can't even get a shower and I would most definitely like to get a shower first thing in the morning. Anyhow, I've done a outfit for a day long festival  below.

Crochet vest - Bank fashion £16
Orange Vest - River Island £6
Wedged Heels - River Island £45
Earrings - Oasis £26
Sunglasses - Lipsy £18
Bag - Asos £40

I love the orange in this outfit and it is definitely the colour of this season. I also love the tassel waistcoat, this gives the outfit a boho style look and the patterned bag gives us that hippie vibe. I have also placed the Lipsy Sunglasses in this outfit which I wrote about in my previous post on sunglasses. These go great with any out fit!

As I mentioned before I love SHOES , If I could spend all my money on womens shoes then I would! Especially on wedges heels as they are the most comfortable shoes ever and are great for those long days out which still give you the height, if you are as short as me! If you are looking for shoes at the best prices, then you must take a look at shoes online as you can get special discounts online in comparison to in stores and also get those first previews in the sales! 

Which do you prefer a day long street festival or a long weekend festival?  



  1. Super cute..this is something i'd wear .Love it:)

  2. thanks for comment! love your blog too <3


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