17 January 2012

Clean Cut Style: Polo shirts

If you’re looking for the clean-cut preppy style that looks great any time of the year, you need to check out the vast range of polo shirts. These shirts have evolved from simple single-colour styles to multi-coloured and patterned options, but have managed to retain their essential, timeless style.

When good weather beckons, there’s nothing easier than slipping on a smart polo shirt. For men, it’s the perfect option: quick, easy, classic and versatile: all in the same package and all for an affordable price. What’s more, you can have one in every colour and style, so theoretically, you might never have to think about your wardrobe again. Well, maybe that’s a little optimistic, but with the humble polo shirt being the perfect companion for jeans, chinos, shorts and even smart men’s trousers, there’s nothing you can’t pair it with and it’s difficult to look down-at-heel in this classic piece.

And don’t make the mistake of thinking that polo shirts are uncool or only for golfers. In fact, some of the trendiest street wear brands on the high street have polo shirts as a vital part of their menswear collections – which is why it’s common to see celebrities, pop stars and sports stars hanging out in the latest polo shirts. For men of all ages, fashion and shopping has become a key pursuit and buying into the polo shirt trend will help you to maintain a great look whilst staying comfortable and keeping your clothing budget down.

Not only easy to wear; polo shirts, for men, are easy to look after too, and that’s a key consideration. The best quality polo shirts are made from 100% cotton, so wash well and retain their shape. They’re even easy to iron, so there’s no reason to battle with pleats, tucks, collars and cuffs. Instead, a quick iron over will give you an instantly smart look.

Of course, you can layer other clothing over polo shirts. For men who don’t like the cold, pulling a lightweight jumper on over your polo shirt gives you that clean-cut look without any effort at all, and if you’re heading out for a walk in the country or a day at the beach, a hoodie or sweatshirt over the top of your polo will give you the warmth you need without compromising on style. So, if you haven’t already got a polo shirt in your collection, check out the vast range of polo shirts for men today, with a great range of styles, colours and patterns!


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