12 February 2012

What hair style and celebrity do you prefer?

We are forever looking at celebrities, so it's important to them to look their best as and when they pop out the door, as they never know when a photographer is about to snap them. Anyhow, I look checking out the latest celebrity hair styles. Here are some pictures of celebrities who rock the different hair style trends.  


Jennifer Aniston, Ashley Tisdale and Beyonce.

All these ladies are known to have amazing celebrity hairstyle status. I think Jennifer is the women who best suits straight hair especially with the middle parting. Ashley looks amazing with her really blonde hair and a side fringe and Beyonce’s hair just looks stunning no matter style she goes for. I think a straight hair do is best for dinning out or going out on a date.

Up do's 

Dita Von Teese, Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba.

Up do’s are best for a special occasion, such as a wedding or for a big birthday celebration. They are more classic and sophisticated. There is so much to consider when you go for an up do. All these celebrities look amazing with up do’s and they all go for a completely different style. Jessica looks so sweet and innocent. Dita looks very glamorous and elegant, Jennifer goes for a classy looped look.

Curly / Wavy 

Kim Kardashian, Sarah-Jessica Parker and Lindsey Lohan.

The curly hair look is more of a party look, as we all like a bit of volume for our hair when he head out for a night on the town, like Kim in the above picture. Although, the wavy hair look can make your look a bit rocky and chic during the day, just like Sarah and Lindsey, which is always a great look.

Which do you prefer? 



  1. I love Jenifer Aniston and Sara Jessica!!!
    Always have great hairstyle!!!

  2. Jennifer Aniston has always got really nice hair. Her hairstyle has become a "classic". Ashley Tisdale's straight side parted hair is lovely, and I'm loving Sarah Jessica Parker's waves.


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