14 January 2012

What wedding accessories to go for - inspired by Kim Kardashian..

I don't know about you but every Christmas I know at least one person who got engaged. Suppose it is the season to express your love to your loved one and I think it's very romantic at Christmas, as it would be the perfect ended to the year and also to look forward to the new year and a new life. I love talking about weddings, they are very exciting. 

I've selected Kim Kardashian as the inspiration of this post. Even though the wedding did not last long, its still worth talking about. Kim's wedding was a true fairy tale wedding, one that all girl dreams about. She did look stunning, sophisticated and elegant. I like the way she did not over do it with the accessories. If you are looking out for some accessories, then I've come up with some accessories and bridal hair accessories that would look great on the Bride.

1 - Seasons Online £12.99
2 - Very £22
3 - Macy's £19
4 - Macys £176
5 - Debenhams £20
6 - Saks Fifth Avenue £88

No matter what hair style your going for, earrings and wedding headpieces have to be an definite on a bride. Kim Kardashian's head piece, how nice was was it? It was simply beautiful. All brides need something in there hair, whether its a tara, band or a vial. Its doesn't have to be a crazy design it could just be something simple like the one in the above picture (from Rosie Willett Designs)! Also, I wouldn't over do with with brackets, just one bracelet that would stand out is perfect.  

What do you think of sparkly jewellery? More or Less? In my opinion less is more. 


  1. I can't wait to get married! Such beautiful pieces! :)

  2. I love Kim's headpiece! It's the kind of thing I would like to wear for my wedding. It's just enough sparkle without being too much. I would skip the veil though.


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