25 January 2012

What to wear for Valentines Day? ..

Some people either Hate Or Love Valentines Day! However, we all like to dress up for it regardless if single or not. Well if you're single your more than likely to hit the town for a night of it. Whereas, women in a relationship tend to go out for a romantic meal or cook a meal at home. However, you should look your best as if you're in a relationship you never know when your man could propose to you, you just can't tell with these things. Plus it's always nice to dress up when going out. 

Dress, Shoes, Earrings and Bracelet  - Dorothy Perkins
Clutch - River Island

Red is not just associated with Christmas, its all about the red dresses on Valentines as well. This colour is very daring, however, it depends on what style of dress you wear, if it's anything like the above Dorothy Perkins dress then you will look very classy and sophisticated. Another thing to add to the outfit for a more sophisticated look is a stylish black clutch. Handbags are quite hard to find, finding the right one that you are looking for, since there are so much variety, however opting for a black option can literally go with anything and your problems will disappear. 

The first thing I think about when it comes to selecting a new outfit is.... ladies shoes... SHOES always come first, an obsession of mine! Here are a collection of some shoes that you might like to try out for yourself on Valentines Day or can only dream off. 

Top left corner - River Island 
Top right Corner - Topshop
Bottom left - Bank Fashion
Bottom right - Carvella

It's very hard to select your favourite one isn't it? The Carvella shoes would go great with a prom or skater dress for a party look. The River Island shoes would look great with a classy, sophisticated dress or even with a dressy skirt and lace top to go out for a meal and a few drinks afterwards. The Bank shoes would be best suited with skinny Jeans for a trip to the Cinema and the Topshop shoes would go lovely with leggings. However, I'm sure all these would look great regards o what you choice to wear. 

So are you Lover or Hater of Valentines Day ?? I'm a huge lover :)


  1. Love this look, especially the dress :)



  2. Beautiful dress


  3. LOVE the dress and the shoes you've matched with it. Looks absolutely gorgeous! And shoooooes! Shoes, shoes, shoes! You can't have enough shoes, and I love most of them! :D

  4. Gorgeous set! I love the dress! It's perfect!

    Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog!



  5. That dress...it's so perfect!
    And shoes..ah! ^^


  6. oohhh that dress is so gorgeous! :)

  7. Oh I like Valentines day. When I was single I never expected to get any Valentines so I was never disappointed and just had fun! That said, it would be lovely to be proposed to this year but it's unlikely to happen. Pesky boyfriends!!
    I'd really like a lovely red dress like the Special K girl- a nice flowing one!

  8. Red and self-assured sexy. I love it! Thanks for popping in on my blog and making me smile via your comment:)

  9. We are big lovers of Valentine's Day! The dress you featured in this post is stunning, and we love the red ankle-straps heels you chose.


  10. Great choice of dress! Very very sexy! x


  11. Gorgeous dress!!Lovely for a nice dinner out or the theater

  12. Loving the dress choice in this post, the shoes in the I love shoe post are gorgeous especially the black studded ones.


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