15 January 2012

What to get her for Valentines day? Chanel or Amethyst jewellery?

One thing after another isn't it? Just one month after Christmas and we have Valentines day already. I do like Valentines day, however I'm not fused on going out for a meal on the day as you could do that at any time, I like to just stay in and cook a nice meal at home. It's much better and can be more romantic than sitting in a restaurant. I also think that its quite hard to think what to get your other half. For women it's always the same thing, some flowers, chocolates, perfume, jewellery etc. which can be quite repetitive. Here is some examples of what you could get your other half to be a little different, however whilst staying on the right path. 

A lot of people go for the same type of jewellery either Sapphire, Ruby or Emerald. I think these amethyst rings, chains and earrings are stunning and make a lovely change from the same old. Amethyst comes in different shades, so you could go for a royal purple or go for a more lilac colour. 

You can never, never go wrong with perfume for women. Even though you know your partners favourite perfume, you might get sick of buying the same one each time. This is why you should go for a good one, like Chanel perfume, It might not come cheap but I can assure you your partner will love it as this is an item all women dream about. 

What do you think of Valentines Day? A waste of time or do you enjoy it? 


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