3 January 2012

Get the Rihanna checked dress look...

When Rihanna was on X factor in December here in the UK. OMG, I did love her tartan checked red dress and Rihanna was looking stunning in it. It was a great look for a naughty school girl. Would you like to get this Rihanna look? You can do right here with Naughty School Girl Look vs Good girl look.  

Naughty school girl look 
Dress - Republic £26 
Shoes - New Look £7 
KneeHigh Socks - Zalando £7
Clutch - Dorothy Perkins £20

Good girl look 
Dress - Republic £26 
Shoes - Boohoo £25 
Leather Jacket - Mango £114
Tights - Oasis £8
Bag - Republic £26.99

Which look would you go for? I selected the high knee socks in the first outfit, as they scream at you - school girl. With some stylish pencil heel loafers you will rock it out. I'm more inclined to the second outfit- its quite simple but stylish and very now. Isn't that a cute bag too? I will need to purchase this as you all know I'm a big Republic fan. The reason why I went for these minimal patterned tights is because I don't usually go for plain tights anymore, its all about the patterns. However, if you have a checked dress like the above or any major statement item, then do not over do the pattern on the tights, lace would be a no go. 

I actually had a dress just like this in a school I went to in Ireland, however, in green. Typical Irish colours. When you where at school the last thing you wanted to do is to be seen in something similar to what you wear to school. It's people like Rihanna, that make the world fashion mad with dresses like this. 

This was a very good call Rihanna!



  1. I had a dress like that but green as well! :)
    Mine wasn't a school uniform though, but a normal dress that my mum forced me to wear for christmas :P

  2. I'd totally buy that dres- I've always had this thing about red tartan- alas, why i did I sell my Twiggy tartan mini kilt!!!


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