29 November 2011

Suffered from Hair Damage?.. Go natural

Its been a while since I wrote a hair post The Hair Style of the Season. So I need to fill you  in on my bad hair times. When I was 16 I really wanted blonde highlights through my hair, my natural hair colour is a mousey brown colour. Anyhow, when i got the high lights in I just wanted to go blonder and blonder. My mum wouldn't let me though, so once I moved out I got my hair done really light blonde and I loved it. I went to a really ice blonde.

I like it when it was blonde, cause I'm quite pale and being blonde doesn't make you look as pale. Anyhow, the point of this post is how badly your hair gets damaged when using blonde hair dye or any hair dye for that matter. My hair used to be so smooth and after a few years of having it blonde, my hair started to get really damaged and had a lot of breakages in it. So I had to do something about it. I went to the hairdressers and they told me to use Michael Van Clarke hair care treatment for repairing breakages in my hair.

So I put this on every time I washed my hair and my hair started to become less damaged, well conditioned and was a lot easier to brush through. I never want my hair to get that damaged again, so I decided to change to a less intense colour and I fancied a middle parting. 

What do you think? I do miss my really blonde hair but I do love my more natural hair colour now and with the split down the middle. 

Have you had bad hair damage and what product(s) did you use?



  1. What a difference!
    But nice ;)


  2. The blonde hair is really nice, bit I think I prefer the more natural colour - The centre part looks good as well

  3. Wow! I know I saw your gradual change in real life, but when you see the whitey blonde and the more natural blonde here in the pictures it's such a difference. I love your healthier hair, and your bouncy curls. You still need to teach me the technique with the ghds ;)

  4. I'm so going to have to try some of these products - my hair is really bad at the moment because I keep changing the colour. Love the more natural blonde! XX

  5. You look beautiful both ways but I know what you mean, I used to be platinum! Damange-city girl! I never tried this line but I used Enjoy products and they really got my hair back on track! Great post!

  6. Your hair looks great now thats it's healthy.
    But I really like the blonde days. You look gorgeous and your eyes stand out.
    Great blog, now a follower.
    Check mine out?
    I will be having a chic giveaway posted tmrw.


  7. Your hair looks good natural. Who does not look good blonde?

    Have you ever thought of doing burgundy or a red? I think a burgundy would look gorgeous with your skin tone.


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