9 November 2011

Leeds Event - Plectrum by Ben Sherman

On the 3rd of November I was invited to a shop opening in Leeds for Plectrum by Ben Sherman, along with Maria at Fashion Infatuation. I was very intrigued  about this event as I don't tend to go to male events. However, its something new to write about.

When I got there, there wasn’t that many people and loads of drinks. It soon did pick up though and was quite busy. The event in its self was very unorganised, It was a lot of standing about and we only got two drink vouchers each, which was meant to last for 2-2.5hours. There was no mention of when we could actually go inside and get a peek at the clothes. Once i finally got into the store, it did have a nice layout and was more on the minal side with nice funiture peices.The event itself was very indifferent from any other event I attended. I was shocked that the owner/management didn’t give a presentation or an informal chat either, to give us more of an insight to the brand itself. However, saying that Ben Sherman is a premium brand and I’m sure the new store will go down well in Leeds. One thing that I really enjoyed was the cocktails.

Anyhow I still would like to thank the organisers for inviting me to this event. I wish the store well.



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