25 October 2011

Some pictures from my Birthday Celebrations

As you might be aware my birthday just passed as I was looking for a birthday outfit to wear in this post.  I just wanted to share some pictures with you all on the fantastic weekend I had. I did get spoiled rotten got loads of nice presents and gifts. Firstly, to start of the Birthday celebrations I went out for a lovely meal and then on to some bars. On the Sunday, My boyfriend and Sister made me a lovely 3 course dinner, then they lit the cake and sang Happy Birthday to me, followed by lighting some sky lanterns. 

  Left: The sis Sharon, Me and friend Maria

My Dave and me.

Always have to pull a face :)

Cake, yeah.... Yummm. 

I love lighting these :) 

Dont they look so nice when they fly away. 



  1. It was a great night, and I love that first picture of us 3 :)

  2. Happy birthday hun, looks like you had a good one.

    X x

  3. Happy BDay!! You looked gorgeous!! XOXO, Maria from SS

  4. you both make such a nice couple! :)


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