8 October 2011

Celebrity Wedding Dresses- Including Kate Middleton's wedding dress

2011 Spring / Summer season was full of celebrity and royal weddings. Wasn't there some lovely dresses :) I loved Kate Middleton's wedding dress, which was Ivory lace by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen. If and when I get married I want a dress just like this. I think Kate Middleton looked amazing, didn't she? Look how sweet Kate and Prince William are below, they make a wonderful couple. 

Next up is the beautiful Abbey Clancy. I thought she looked stunning also. Then again Abbey would look amazing in anything with that figure and beauty. Abbey Clancy's wedding dress was created by GILES DEACON. However, I do hear that there was a bit of a malfunction with Abbeys Clancy's dress, as when she went too through her boutique in the air, part of right boob was revealed. Oh god, I wouldn't of known what to do. 

Next is the fashionable Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian's wedding dress was very plain, however she did look like an angel, her veil and head piece was stunning and really suited her. Kim's dress was designed and created by designer Vera Wang.

What did you think of these stunning dresses? Which one of these is your favorite? Or do you have another celebrity in mind? 



  1. I love Kim's dress! Vera Wang is the best! :)


  2. I am in LOVE with Kate Middleton's dress!!!! Soo classy and elegant, but super beautiful and sweet! I agree, I want one similar to that when I get married! I love lace <3

    xo Karisa


  3. ooo Laura, A wedding dress post! is there something you want to tell us? ;)

    I think Kate M's dress looks the best by a mile - I think the other two dresses, whilst very nice expose a bit too much boob (I never thought I would ever hear myself say that, haha!! ) sort of demeans them a bit - Kate M's dress is just pure style !
    P. :0)

  4. Yay! You finally did your celeb weddings post :)
    I prefer Kim Kardashian's look - it's not too much and not too little.
    Kate's dress is perfect for a royal wedding, but I would probably feel too "covered" if I wore that myself.

  5. Joshua Ryan12 October, 2011

    I love the one by GILES DEACON

  6. I have to say Kate's is my favorite!But they r all lovely

  7. I love Kate's dress the most. And if I prefer a Church wedding I think that is but fitting to wear and not the one that shows off too much of the Boobs...sorry I guess that is not my style but just my opinion.

    ChristineMurphy@ hawaii wedding

  8. Good post, love this sharing so much, thank you!


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