27 September 2011

Some Holiday Sun...

I'm back from holiday and I loved every minute of it. I'm very sad to be back in the UK and I need to book another holiday soon, so I've got something to be excited for again (Well we do have Christmas soon). The hotel I stayed in was amazing, which was H10 Rubicon palace in Lanzarote (playa blanca). I would highly recommend this hotel the food and service was excellent and the views were stunning. As promised, I would share some holiday photos with you all, then here you go.

H10 rubicon palace in Lanzarote (playa blanca) 4* Hotel

I hope you all enjoyed these!! 

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  1. I love it, So beautiful. You should have put the owl in a box and sent it to me! lol. I love owls!

  2. Gorgeous place and pictures!Looks like so much fun!

  3. Nice photos! :)


  4. It looks like a very beautiful resort. Where was it?

    X x

  5. oh sorry i didn't even put the place down it was a hotel called - H10 rubicon palace in Lanzarote (playa blanca).

    Also Joshua, if I could have taken the owl I would have :)


  6. The place looks amazing and you surely had a great time! Let's wait for the xmas holiday! x


  7. ok, this place is absolutely gorgeous!!! love all of your maxis...you were definitely well dressed for this vacay :)

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