8 August 2011

Lady Gaga: Through the years..

I do absolutely love Lady Gaga, if there's anyone in the world that I could switch with for a day, it would be Lady Gaga. I do think why does she change her look so much and why is she getting more wackier? If you watch interviews with Lady Gaga appearances she is just a lovely person and really cares for her fans. I Just love her.. So what I've done is taken some pictures of Lady Gaga through the years and see how shes changed so much. 

   Lady Gaga in her First Video: Just Dance, I think she is stunning here. 

Lady Gaga 2nd Video: Poker face

Then came that meat dress - What was she thinking? I did not think this was a good look and I don't think anyone else did for that matter, Sorry Gaga. 

Here are some more bad outfits in the Gaga Wardrobe.....

Now this picture scares me.. Why would you want to do that to your face.. 

Take a look at the picture below and Woooo... I can not believe this is Lady Gaga before her fame.You would not think that lady gaga has been around for two and a half years! She has produced some fab music and I love all her songs. So what if she dresses like a crazy person sometimes, I can't help but love her..

What do you think of Lady Gaga through the years??? 



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  2. I like the fact that fashionwise whilst she has made some big misses, she has had some amazing big hits. Shes not scared to be different and does not worry about whether something works or not.

    Musics not bad either !!

  3. Wow! You wouldn't think that was Lady Gaga in the last picture if you didn't know. She used to be really pretty!
    can you imagine what that meat dress is gonna smell like... :S urkk!!

  4. I love Lady GaGa's music too! But I think that she did some crazy stuff and appearances through the years. I really loved how she looked in the "Pokerface" video! x


  5. Wow can't believe the way she has changed through the times and then to see her before the fame just wow.


  6. I agree, she's gorgeous in her first video!



  7. i think she is an amazing artist edgy style and very talented!!

    great post!
    kisses <3



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