10 August 2011

Exciting News.....

I was so excited today to see that Top Style Advice moved from a Google PR 0 to a PR 2. I have been waiting for a few months now to get a Google Pr as my Moz rank has been 2.8 for a while. I have tried my best to do as much work as i can to my blog, since I do work full time. I do love all my readers comments, I love the fact that wonderful people are taking the time out to read my blog. So thank you to all of you. 

So what I have decided to do is give you all a few tips if you are looking to increase your Google Pr. I have done abit of reading to see what else I can do to increase my PR.

Backlinks - If someone comments on your blog make sure you go and check their blog out and leave a comment to say thank you. So then you will develop regular readers. 

Link Exchange - Exchange links with your favourite blogs. You can either add a new page with "Link love" or simply add the blogs name to your blog roll on the homepage. This creates more traffic and helps to build more readers to both blogs. I don't like when other blogs take your link down. Ive had a few lately, which I think is extremely rude, since I had the honest to keep there link in my blog roll.

Update regularly - One thing I am trying to work on is to write a blog post every two days or every three days at least. The more you update the more indexed pages you have in Google. This will give your blog more chances to be searched Via Google search results. 

Legitmate - Make your blog known, therefore link to big brands and other well know blogs or even comment to well know sites/blogs. This indicates to Google that you are not a scam site and are genuine. 

Social channels - Whenever you upload a new post post this on all of your communities and social feeds, such as Facebook, Twitter etc.. I also find Independent Fashion Bloggers a great place to upload my new content.

Create a Facebook Page - Creating a FB page for your blog is a great way to let your family and close friends see your recent posts as not everyone I know has a blog. Infact, only one of my close friends has a blog. When my friends read my posts, I have received feed back that my blog is great stuff. Hopefully, more of my friends will get blogs so we can all follower each other. I also get alot of page impressions via FB posting. 

If any of your lovely readers have any more tips, please do comment and share :)



  1. These are some great tips, I've just had a look into Google PR, I think the points you made about updating regularly and socialising are really important in helping get your blog out there.


  2. great post thanks for the tips and advice dear!
    XX Ilana

  3. this is great advice! I try to comment on as many blogs as possible, because otherwise people don't know you exist.

    x. jill

  4. I have no idea about pr ratings... but it sounds good nevertheless!
    and it was so so so lovely to meet you too! so glad your a fan! :)

  5. i'm following you on twitter too! lauran linked me to your brand new account!:) x

  6. Thanks so much for the great advice!
    I've been trying to figure out all the SEO secrets for bloggers lately, but it doesn't really come easy. So much information!
    This is really helpful, though!



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