14 June 2011

Ideas for Fancy Dress.....

When I was a student there was a famous pub crawl known as the Otley Run (Leeds). Which made us think "what shall the fancy dress theme be"? I love fancy dress nights out they are amazing and alot of fun.. Here are a few of my fancy dress costumes, some were hand made and other just bought from shops. 

Alice in Wonderland 

 Bee Costume 

Snow Women

Super woman and Superman

Leprechaun (Self Made, not the hat though)

And Finally Lady Gaga, My favourite costume of all 
I made everthing 100% from scratch.

I hope you liked my costumes and hope they gave you ideas on your fancy dress theme.

Love Laura xox


  1. These are such amazing costumes!! Ever thought of a career in making them?! I honestly can't pick a favourite - they're all fab! HAve a great weekend hun :) xxx

  2. Love them all! The bee costume is sooo cute :) x

  3. This is too cute! haha. You made these yourself? wow

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! you can find the purse I am wearing at www.girlsnextbestfriend.com :-)

    Love your blog

  4. Oh... Thank you all for your lovely comments. I do love dressing up! Alot of people have said i should make costumes and sell them or something. I'm can be creative when i like to be, takes to much time making things though. Maybe i should take it up Part time or something.

    Love Laura xoxox

  5. Anonymous23 June, 2011

    Nice costume!


  6. hahahahha I loved all, in special the leprechaun!!! Have fun, girl! Keep it up!



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