28 February 2011

Where to buy the best knitwear...

If you’re like me and love your knitted cardi's, dresses and jumpers you will love ALL SAINTS.

Look at what I bought this week:

Both where £35 each. I love them!! We all know that All Saints can be just a little bit expensive. However, I have found a section on the site which you all will love. The site has an archive section with all the clothes that are on offer. I have bought any items that were £80 - £100 down to £30-£40. What a bargain! Although you might struggle with the sizes not all products have every size. But hurry Visit the Site:

http://www.allsaints.com/vintage/?filter=156208, then select would category you would like.


  1. I love that first one with the massive safety pin ;)

  2. Great site. I had a look and I love it! Thank you.


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