20 January 2011

I love Faux Fur Jackets ...

When winter commenced Waterfall Faux Fur Jackets were big in fashion. I thought they looked okay. However, like me I need to buy the latest editions in fashion trends. I bought this one available at New look. Which I have seen in hollyoaks, Mercerdes McQueen were wearing it.
Anyway when I bought this jacket I never really wore it. Never thought it were warm enough with the bad winter we had. I wore it for the first time the other day and Woo i LOVE it!! I highly recommend that every one gets one. It's so so soft and comfortable. I was really surprised now warm the jacket kept me.

To Wear With:

Knitted longline jumpers, leggings and Ugg boots or any type of boots.  


I paid £39.99 for mine in November. It is now reduced to £12.00 in the sale. What a saving. You will need to visit the site quickly as they are are selling out fast.




  1. I came across this also and i love it. So glad they had my size :) very happy.

  2. This is a lovely jacket - will have to pop over to the NewLook website! You now have 6 followers ;) XOXO

  3. Gorgeous, I love faux fur, this is a fave, will be popping into New Look then...
    Love the blog, espesh the header, very cool!
    P.S What about following each other?
    Either way, do keep in touch!


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